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  1. I think that Ward is kinda on the same path as Miller as far as improvement goes. Yes, Miller didn't play much until he was 25 but he is currently 28 and going on 29. Cam is about to have his 25th birthday. I don't think that you can judge a late first rounder on his first five seasons being shoved into a starting job at 22. Also, look at Nabokov. He didn't have a starting job until he was 25 and just had his best season last year at age 32. Last year he had 46 wins and was a candidate for the Vezina Trophy as league's best goaltender. However, he was also a 9th-round pick, so you don't expect much from a ninth-rounder. Maybe we are just expecting too much from him because we chose him 25th overall and he won the Conn Smythe trophy in helping us (a lot!) in winning the Stanley Cup in 2006. I don't know. I do think that part of this season is on his shoulders, as it is for any other goaltender, but he can't do it all on his own, and maybe he just isn't ready to play 70 games in a season; but, that's just my opinion.
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