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  1. I am in shock! The puck is not dropped yet and we are leading the league in injuries already.
  2. Sweet! No more ATM runs before the game to get cash to get out of the $3 fee!
  3. So Dennis is the last one left? What is going to happen to him?
  4. Washington just Imploded! Jose....Nay!!!
  5. Williams has both now a Ferrari and Lambo........? There must be one happy car sales guy out there....Unless he spreads out the wealth...
  6. What does this do for Tevor? Where is he going to end up? I hope, LaRose comes back!
  7. This stinks!! Pitkanen better deliver... What about the rumors that Oilers might turn around and trade Cole back to the Eastern Conference, that would suck for us!!! Going to the Oilers is like going to Siberia! JR adds salt in our open wounds by bringing back Anton.....What a fool!
  8. Did I just see Ray Ray on Dancing with the Stars sitting next to Hedican?
  9. Let the fights begin.....I remember seeing the preseason game with Columbus...
  10. If Ladd gets in a fight wearing a full cage, is that bad manners?
  11. I think, Tanabe is still out with his injury.....LaRose is the first to come back out of the two of them.
  12. I could not agree more!! Two sets of rules in the NHL, teams like the Rangers or Wings have 1 set and everyone else has another.
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