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  1. I'm so confused with this: why not Tom Rowe? What in the hell was he brought here for? Was he not supposed to keep Lavi on his toes and make it known to him that he was in the way if he screwed up? Instead, I find out at 3:54 pm that we have re-hired a guy that looks and sounds like a serial killer?? It just stinks, this whole thing stinks. Hate to see ya go Lavi...... Better luck elsewhere pal. Thanks for the Cup in 06!
  2. Here is a good catch up interview with JR on free agency, trades and team news. java script:vp2.setclipboard("http://www.wral.com/sports/video/3129517/"). If you have not seen this it is a great interview.
  3. No way for Liles, he is being paid 4 mil a year and based on last seasons stats that is grounds for overpaying for the guy. How about getting Mark Streit? How much does he want? He had excellent point totals last year. We need to spend some money here. The Lightning are overhauling and the Panthers are trying to fix their club, we need to as well.
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