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  1. Edinborough Commons on the corner of Lynn and Creedmoor is about 10 minutes from RBC. Not sure how big you're looking for, but I had a 1BR for about $600-$675 a month (that included a covered parking space). Very easy access to everything, Briar Creek, Downtown, RBC, 540, Triangle Town Center. Not sure what the rates are now, I left there in Feb to move to Houston...otherwise known as Hell on Earth.
  2. Great vid! Makes me really wish it was October already!
  3. That neck-breaking thug is your favorite player? Funny, he's the reason I'm cheering for Detroit. No Cup for Orpik, ever. (To say nothing of his fellow thug, Matt Cooke...)
  4. Negatory, my friends. Brooks Orpik is never allowed to raise the cup. It's simple logic, you break Erik Cole's neck, you don't get to lift the Cup, period. Let's go Wings!
  5. What happened to Khabbibulin? Injured or pulled? Why the third string goalie up from Rockford?
  6. I think you might be blacked out. Here is a link to all the GameCenter skinny in case you don't have it: https://gamecenter.nhl.com/nhlgc/help.htm
  7. I hate to be a goober (yuk, yuk, yuk), but does anyone know where the link to the 2:30 chat is on wralsportsfan.com? Edit: Aha! put Canes Chat in the search box and a link comes up. Chat is on at 2:45PM.
  8. This isn't looking good for that "all South-least" ECF I was looking for....
  9. Come on, man! The dog likes hockey and popcorn too!
  10. When I joined the boards, I was a complete noob about the Canes and hockey in general. Luckily, I learn fast...
  11. Watching NHL Live on NHL Network and Keith Jones was interviewed about this. He said that he thought no suspension should be given because it wasn't a "message sending" altercation, that Walker was going over to support his teammate, Cullen, who had just received a "flying elbow" from Ward. For what it's worth...we'll see after the hearing.
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