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  1. Here in Ottawa..we had heard he had done work on the Jerry Springer show...hmmmm. Interesting eh!
  2. I still don't know what to say to my American brethen (nothing ever could replace who and what was lost), except that we as the free countries of the world learn from these events and move on! We Never Never forget....but we move on!
  3. Yep...you guys definitely won this trade. Eaves too will have a great season, and us in Ottawa will be shaking our heads once again.
  4. I just received the same pm...? I don't visit the Canes board often, as I'm a Sens fan...so I was a bit surprised to receive this! Daleigh
  5. Good for the Canes...this kid is just beginning his career...you can and will get unbelievable results from him in the future. As a Sens fan I was hoping to see him back here in Ottawa someday...I guess I will but with a Canes uniform on. I'll definitely cheer him on (since the Canes are now my second favourite team). PATTY ROCKS! Good for you...now go and rub Murray's nose in it (make him regret this trade), and help bring a Stanley cup home to Carolina!
  6. If he does sign here in Ottawa (and I would like that...his experience goes a long way)...I would imagine that he would like to escape our brutal winters and head south. Just a thought guys!
  7. Habs...last Canadian Team standing....
  8. You know it SensRebel...less pressure. I think we will surprise a few...dontcha think? GO SENS GO!!!!
  9. I voted for the Joe Corvo hat trick...so i'm an Ottawa fan, but Joe whacked us good and good for him.
  10. I'm deeply sadden to see the Canes out of the playoff picture...I was hoping that Ottawa would come up against the Canes during the playoffs. It's been a blast and the Canes played their hearts out...see you in September!
  11. I see what you mean...i doubt Commie will stay, I don't think he likes it here unfortunately. He played an outstanding game last night against Toronto...I was impressed with his agressive play, nice to see. I'm hoping that atleast Stillman stays on.
  12. That's good to hear...he was one of my favourites when he played in Ottawa. It'll be good to see him hopefully get a chance at the cup.
  13. My...my....did we not get our java fixes today? You never know what is going to happen...Sens made it to the FINALS last year...remember? Where was Buffalo and the Canes? eh? LOL It's not over until the fat lady sings...and we didn't get stiffed with the trade...neither team did!
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