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  1. Oh, and this is going to sound crazy, but Sean Avery's the EXACT type of player we need, and this is the exact type of franchise HE needs.
  2. OK, I positively believe that a 4.75 GAA over the last four games should get you a night off.
  3. I think Cam to a large extent is still living off the Cup run. He got hot in the playoffs. It happens. Ask Marty Gerber, who has now been run out of TWO towns because of the exact situation - with Giguere in Anaheim, with Ward in Carolina. But FAR too often this season you look at the postgame box and see .850, .800, .790 next to his save percentage - that doesn't cut it (23 times this season he was under 90%). 3 goals and 17 shots against should win you a game every single time. It was a weak goal against Tampa that put us in this do or die situation to begin with, and he just flat didn't make the stops he needed to tonight. I hate to have to make this my first post here... but we need to bring in a veteran to AT LEAST push him a little. I thought Graham would do it, but he's apparently too far in the organizational doghouse. And on a side note - marketing department - first, making the players sign autographs on the ice after a game like this - poor form. Don't take a win and a feel-good moment for granted. Have a contingency plan in case they lost. The fans, instead of celebrating a happy moment meeting the guys, instead looked like vultures snagging trophies and asking for autographs 5 minutes after a brutal loss. Second, recognize the realities of the playoff situation before you make the homepage for your site an advertisement for playoff tickets we probably won't need. That was an unnecessary punch in the gut after sitting through tonight.
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