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  1. Well. of course, FIRSTLY - full respect to all players, coaches and management of the club. IMHO J R made this season the way it is by believing in old team... but it is 2009-10, not 2005-6 - guys way older. Bayda, Babchuk, Seidenberg - lost over the summer in exchange for Alberts, Yelle and Kostopulus... well, we see it works. P M is also not making miracles - having goalies out 2-3 minutes before the end - too risky. Proven twice (at least) - it is a desperation, not a strategy. Injuries - well - yes, but Sutter and Boychuk are most noticeable players now, isn't it? (Get better everyone, especially Cam). I think decisions to be made soon. Hope it will be right decisions. Go Canes!
  2. Sad to say, but Rod playing much less now and much less makes a difference on the ice - ages, injuries? Probably. With full respect.... I think PM has to give more time to Walker, LaRose, Bayda and Sutter - and, both goalies have to play, not just Cam who does his best but probably already tired at this moment. And yes, this season seems to be over unless miracle comes... Hope dies last
  3. WOW! Now we see that if Huet tripping Bayda, Bayda is guilty? Never seen such a bad officiating ever!!!
  4. is there any way contact NHL officials including commisioner to report this type of unbearable issues? This shame has to be corrected by NHL
  5. as per NHLNET (TWC330) he is able to move fingers and feet... will see what CH will say tomorrow...
  6. Yes, looks like all we can is wait until CH will say something officially... and honestly he better think twice before come back to the ice anyway with this... but it will be so sad
  7. What the source of the news? Keep us posted if you have any info Thanks, AndyS
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