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  1. We are playing great so far throughout the lineup! 👌 Edit: Yeah I can’t even imagine how it feels, especially when his former team is doing so well.
  2. I gotta say Ferland didn’t look too happy in that interview.
  3. Hey, say it loud and say it proud. Alexander Semin. I’m pretty sure this is the last year we actually pay him his buyout. Do not bury your head in the sand and pretend that mistake never happened. Because it did and we have to learn from it. Semin. SEMIN!!! Is this triggering anyone? SEMIN!!!!!!! Anyways, interested in the weird payouts, not surprised to see a big first year in the 6m range. TT has been one of the best acquisitions we’ve made in the last decade and it’s a bit of a calming thing to have at least one of those three pending UFAs extended. Also probably helps our case with extending Aho. It’s been really exciting to watch Teuvo Teravainen consistently improve that last few years and now seems to be our best winger, definitely top-6. This was a good day for us
  4. It was a speculated number I’m sure, as most articles I read about these negotiations are either two sentences long and tell you what you already know or they are two pages long and full of speculation and career comparing. I wouldn’t be as worried if we signed Ferland to the exact same contract. But suggesting he makes more than TT is crazy to me. Yes, both have their pros and cons, but TT is younger, statistically better, and has a way higher ceiling than Ferland. The intangibles Ferland brings is the reason why the lowest suggested pay rate for him here is 4m per, which is more than twice his cap hit now. Other than that, how you can justify paying him about three and a half times more because he had one single 40 pt season and can beat someone when needed is beyond me. And the idea Ferland is the reason why Aho is scoring more is delusional. Sure, he helps, like he should, but he’s been much less impressive statistically since his concussion. (I’m looking at you, Tripp Tracey)
  5. This would be true if we didn’t have a self imposed cap. We aren’t spending up to the cap any time soon, we never have. While we have the most space right now, 10m away from the league cap ceiling might be 5m over our self imposed budget. Ferland getting whatever he wants also affects every other contract you negotiate in the offseason. No one player on this roster is worth paying whatever they want besides the two I’ve mentioned before (Slavin, Aho). How can you expect any player to ever take a smaller payout to stick around after you hand Ferland whatever he wants because the fans like him so much and he’s a tough cookie. I’m also basing most of my opinion on TD’s idea that you have to earn what you get. Ferland hasn’t earned anywhere even close to 6m/per. TD isn’t going to pay they guy because fans are pressuring him or the guy himself thinks he’s worth a certain amount. This is why we are diving head first into another lock out. Who here thinks Tom Wilson is worth 6.4m per year? Look at Wayne Simmonds. He makes just under 4m/per. He’s the kind of guy I liken to Ferland over Wilson (Who is a goon and doesn’t really have all that much skill in comparison to Simmonds/Ferland). And that is a reasonable contract. And again, TT is getting paid 5.4m per. Ferland is NOT worth more than TT in any capacity. If we were going to sign him for 6m per though, we would have extended Ferland a long time ago. I don’t see it happening.
  6. Find a way to convince JR that he needs Jordan Staal again, add a first, and one of our sexiest prospects and let’s get Malkin over here to center/mentor Svechnikov. It’s my fever dream.
  7. We aren’t the Washington Capitols. We cannot afford to over pay to the tune of 6m+ for someone like Ferland. Love the player, the style, the intangibles. But it is not worth handcuffing the rest of the team financially to keep a fan favorite. If Ferland truly wants to stick around he knows he’s going to have to give up his UFA payday. I see us trading him and at this point, ESPECIALLY with TT’s extension cap hit at 5.4m, I want to. If we pay Ferland obscene money then we are only screwing ourselves over. We cannot afford to overpay for Ferland. I don’t care how good he is or who was dealt to acquire him. Ferland has done absolutely nothing to substantiate such a massive raise in pay. 4.5m at the MOST. The other part is term, you sign Ferland to a 5 year 6m per deal, his style of play puts him in higher risk for injury. He’s already had a couple concussions. Then you’re feeling like Edmonton and how they love having Milan Lucic and his albatross contract. Or remember that guy David Clarkson? Take your emotions out of the decision and it seems pretty clear, no one on this roster aside from Slavin and Aho are worth 6m+. And Slavin is under that. If Ferland believes he’s worth 6.7m/per, that’s wonderful, take your gigantic ego with you on your way out.
  8. I miss GDTs, but it’s near impossible for me with the move to LA. ☹️
  9. And on that note we are back in the top three of our division. I do agree we need to make a move. They played noticeably better tonight. I think Aho is better at center and wants to stay in the middle but will do whatever he’s told to.
  10. Gotta say, there wasn’t a single point during that game you felt comfortable as a Canes fan. Utter disappointment. Gonna be a long metro ride home tonight.
  11. There are some near empty sections if you look close though. And they light up the glass which looks pretty neat. Also, they take requests for songs via Twitter, which is nice.
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