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  1. As great as Ellis has been for us could he become our most valuable asset at the trade deadline (of players that we would actually be willing to trade)? Something has to be done to bolster the defense so could it be Ellis heading the other way in any trades?
  2. Saw this Sporting News article on twitter on this very subject! Very interesting read. from the tone of it, it appears JR may already be thinking long-term with Semin http://aol.sportingnews.com/nhl/story/2013-02-05/alexander-semin-carolina-hurricanes-eric-staal-washington-capitals
  3. Just saw the Hardy Soup tweets and came to post about them but I see I've been beaten to the punch lol. If they are looking for defensive help, we can help them out there. Joslin, Harrison, Allen, Sanguinetti, even McBain are players I wouldn't mind seeing going the other way. Nothing personal, I just believe that Hemsky would put this team over the top and am willing to give up even a more valuable piece such as McBain for him. Besides, I think Murphy will be a better McBain in the long run.
  4. @mikemaniscalco: Expect news from the Hurricanes today. Try to keep you updated as it happens. While i know we're expecting news on the Sutter deal, does this sound like it could be more than just that?
  5. Predators... Add the Preds to teams who have interest in Marc Savard. That's from eklund. Maybe it continues from the "team changing" trade were supposed to be making with them. A three team trade?
  6. I hope there are some trades today, for the fact that it could land us some better picks and/or some players and the fact that trades are exciting but chip just tweeted this: "Jim Rutherford said it's unlikely Canes will acquire another first-round pick or make any other draft-day move:" Hopefully its just positioning or something comes through.
  7. While it is eklund, I saw this on his site early this morning. "The Hurricanes and Predators are talking a deal that could potentially "reshape each team for the next few years." Take away who the source was and the fact that it may not be credible, who do you think he could be talking about?
  8. I was very excited to hear he had his first NHL goal. Maybe its just me but his style of play kind of reminds me of Backstrom from the Caps
  9. http://downloads.hurricanes.nhl.com/audio/interviews/brindamour012010.mp3 ^^Brind'Amour's comments on the change.
  10. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Rampant-RumorEric-Staal-to-Oilers--Who-Could-Be-Headed-Back/1/24599 I know this is unlikely but who do you guys think we could get in return?
  11. is my copy messed up or is there no "RBC Center" written in the ice around the center ice circle in the game?
  12. that makes 2 ex canes on the kats. stillman is still there isnt he?
  13. i agree with cane26, i think we should keep our currents and add walker and gleason as Alternates. on another note, with everyone asking about whether Roddy should hand over the C to Staal, what if we adopt a co-captain system like the slugs used when they had briere and drury. one was captain at home and one was captain away.
  14. luckily were in the east, so the only way detroit would be a problem for us is if we face them in the Stanley Cup Finals, which hopefully by skill or just dumb luck someone else will have knocked them out.
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