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  1. When pretty much everyone you meet knows you're a huge fan.....delivery guys at work, my coffee lady, people in stores, friends, everyone at work......might have somethin' to do with the red/black/white theme on all game days.
  2. The draft party will be at Spirits on Chatham St in Cary. I don't think there is an official start time yet, but I'd say 7PM or so. Should be on the Booster Club website soon. Come and join us.
  3. Hi! No limited number of people, you might wanna get there a little early, sometimes they start a little earlier than the stated time. Pre-game skates are usually only 1/2 hour, but this is practice on a non-game day, so hard to say how long they'll practice. You should bring your son, he'll love it. Call security before you head out to double check they haven't changed the time or anything....861-2345. Enjoy! I always do. Go Canes!!!
  4. Go Canes!! My son and I tried to fire up our section last night during the 'quiet' times....without a whole lotta success. I have faith the boys can do it!
  5. Nice! Never too early to bring 'em up as Canes fans. Go Canes!!
  6. [Get well soon, Rod! We'll miss you. Take some time to rest and have fun with your kids. Take care.
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