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  1. Figures, after living in the Hampton Roads area for 20 years and watching hockey there for almost as long, they wait until I move to come up with this concept!! I will definitely go up there for that game if it happens. They have been able to place a small outdoor rink for skating outside a local mall so maybe they can erect a rink for an AHL game.
  2. I went skating at The Factory Ice House this evening. In the parking lot going in, I battled Corey Stillman for a parking spot. I didn't realize it was him until I was lugging my gear out of my trunk and he walked by me. I loked at him and smiled and said hello. He smiled back and walked in with his wife and kids. Me and my friend get into the ice house and while we are waiting to sign up for stick & puck, we look over and there is Rod Brind'Amour standing there talking to one of his sons. There were tryouts for all of the Junior Hurricanes so I am sure their kids were all trying out. To the guy who ran into all the players at the bar in N. Raleigh...AWESOME!!! I would have loved to run into Eric Staal!!
  3. I knew Beth very well. I worked with her in the Norfolk Admirals Booster Club for a number of years. She always had a smile on her face and supported the Ads through thick and thin. She was the publicity chair for several years (I took that position over from her) and was very active in the the BC. I am so saddedend by her loss. I wish her family my support and prayers.
  4. This has happened to the Flyers a lot in the post season. I remember when I was in Norfolk many a play-off game against Philly having to be held at the NHL arena. One series in particular, there was the hockey game at the Wachovia Center, Phillies game at the new baseball park and a Kenny Chesney (sold out) concert at the Spectrum. I also remember a year having to play them at the WC because the circus was at the Spectrum. I went to practice one game, and as we were coming out of the arena from the player's entrance, we stopped to look at all the circus animals they had parked behind the arena. Yeah, this is nothing new to the Phantoms...hopefully the Rats can do well. Leights has played there in his AHL days during the abovementioned play-offs with Norfolk.
  5. Not that I saw. I was on the club level directly across from the Caps bench and I didn't see or hear anything troublesome. The Flyers fans were chanting, "Let's go Flyers" after the game but the Caps fans left them alone.
  6. I was in DC yesterday to see the Caps/Flyers game. I have to give mad props to the Caps fans...I walked in just as the boys were coming out for warm-ups and the half the arena was already filled in a sea of Red. It was amazing! I was happy to be watching a live game but upset thinking that I should have been watching it at the RBC Center and it should have been the Canes. I was prepared for the Caps to come out flying. They didn't. Their fans gave more than they did. The Flyers played a better game than the Caps. The Cpas tried but they looked a lot like we did our last game against Florida. They couldn't get control of the puck and several turnovers cost them the game. Ovechkin was mostly invisible and spent most of the night passing the puck to the other team. The several hundred Flyers fans in the arena walked away happy.
  7. Holy Cr*p! I can walk there from my apartment!!!
  8. My ticket rep says it is totally random. Seats are drawn from those seats that are scanned at the gate. That call your coworker got may have been for the STH autographed stick they give away every game. That I know they call to make sure the STH is there.
  9. My concern with parking on Sunday wasn't in the fact that I couldn't get in quickly (got there just before 2pm) but the fact that I had a handicapped pass and I had to park in the back of the lot far away from the building because of the Motorcross demonstration. The to top it off, I get an attitude from the old guy taking my money. I always go in at the Blue Ridge entrance and park in handicapped on the East side. That day, I arrived just before 2pm and came in my regular entrance. I had no problems getting into the lot. When I pulled up to give the man my money, he told me I had to turn left in the last 2 rows because handicapped is full. This, he said, was the closet we would get to the building. I started to pull forward, and he started screaming at me saying I needed to pull into the last row. I politely told he said the last 2 rows. He didn't actually mean that. So I was forced to pull in the last row. They actually had cones set up against the row of cars so we couldn't pull into the EMPTY lot that lay in front of us. So my friend moved the cone and I pulled closer. It was then I realized that the handicapped lot was being used. I was furious. How can they legally expect to get away with having handicapped people park far away from the building? I was so mad. I have a bum knee and it acts up so I park close to cut down on the walking.
  10. It just designates a line. Those guys in white play on the same line, guys in red, and guys in yellow, same thing. Defensemen are in black.
  11. Thanks for all your input! I finally went with photobucket and I was able to upload an entire photo album. I like the ease of photobucket and it allows me to upload a bunch of photos at once. Thanks again!
  12. LOL! Right now I am going through them and editing them. As soon as I get that done, I have to upload to an online site. I got some pretty good ones. I am pretty impressed with the lighting in the Rec Zone. I will have them posted tonight!
  13. The rule states that the coach can designate any player to serve the time. It doesn't have to be a player that was on the ice at the time of the infraction. This applies to the too many men i/e/ bench minor. I believe that when the goalie gets a penalty, a player that was on the ice at the time of the infraction has to serve. Ok..I just pulled out my "cliff notes of rules" If a goalkeeper commits a penalty, a player who was on the ice at the time of the infraction must serve. It also says that in the case of a bench minor (too many men), a player on the ice shall be designated and serve the penalty as if it were imposed on him. This contradicts what the original rule that was posted says. Of course my rules are very abridged and from the year 2003. I don't know if they have changed since then?
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