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  1. Most important Rangers over the years: Messier... Gretzky... Jagr... Avery???? How is that progress? I thought it was cool when the Rangers got Avery but he's turned into such a sideshow freak. No Ranger fan can ever put down Darcy Tucker again now.
  2. Somebody needs to put a stick in Orr's teeth next game. We don't have an enforcer so it's just going to have to be a cheap shot during play. Nothing career ending... just a few chicklets on the ice. Other than that, most of the hits did look pretty clean. It's never fun to see your team knocked around but it is a contact sport. Canes need to step up, hit, and fight for pucks. I just remembered how much I hate Drury. I am so sick and tired of hearing about his little league championship and his little garbage goals.
  3. I grew up in MN. Hockey was a huge deal. Even as a kid, we'd fill the stadium we played in. It was probably a few hundred people but it felt like thousands. The smell of zamboni and popcorn made me nervous for a long long time. That's my first hockey memory. My first hockey *fan* memory is watching the Saints play in the WHA. It was the most violent thing I've ever seen and I had never heard people swear like that. It was total mayhem. For the life of me, I can't remember who they played that day. I remember feeling ripped off because I wanted to see the North Stars play.
  4. I feel like last year's team could have beaten any team in the NHL when they played to their potential. It was disappointing that they didn't work harder and smarter during the season. It felt like they just messed around until the last month or two of the season and then tried to pour it on. Sadly, too little too late. Still, after winning the cup, I won't complain if they drop every game for the next decade. it was worth it. What a RIDE!!! I'm still proud of the team and I'm excited for this season. I really wish we had limped into the playoffs to play Buffalo. It would have been such an awesome rematch! I think it would have woken both teams up and we would have seen some great hockey. Oh well...
  5. The last time the Ducks played a Cup game, they lost. I'm sure their fans were THRILLED to watch a game that didn't involve 60 minutes of watching Giguere block shots. I remember last year when we won that first game. It did feel like winning the cup. Maybe we started a trend of teams who lose their first appearance but win in their second. The Ducks lost the year after we did.
  6. Get a certain number of tickets sold and the franchise will stay *GUARANTEED*. Hmmm... now what does that remind me of? Hmmm.. I just can't place it. Oh yeah... the Whalers. Nashville isn't facing the same problems in terms of arena, etc. but I think they have a good chance of moving. The question is where. Most of the north is saturated. Who in New England and Canada doesn't already have an NHL team they follow? The league isn't going to put a team where they will lose fans from one team just to get them to follow another team. They need new fans so where do they get them? It's got to be a place with a young, affluent demographic. Nashville, Las Vegas, KC. I wonder why Wisconsin doesn't make a bid. That seems like a good hockey state. Maybe the economy there isn't so great. Expansion teams were created to get the NHL a better TV contract. It's not working out so far but they've proven that they are willing to give it some time. Who knows...maybe they will stay.
  7. I think that performance had everything to do with their sendoff in Buffalo. I know Briere has said that they are trying hard to win a cup for the city because they are good fans and deserve it. When Miller had to quiet down the booing crowd, the team finally saw what a bunch of ungrateful bandwagoners they were playing for. I think they will lose both of their captains next year. So, can we get over the Buffalo thing? Now, do you see why their fans are so insecure and arrogant? They were always talking about their team not getting respect. Well, a lot of people picked them to win the cup. Win or lose, they got the respect they wanted but I don't think that will be enough for the fans. They are alreay calling for a coaching change.
  8. When I read the title, I rolled my eyes but after reading it, I thought it was a good article. What he's saying is that the league has increased parity. Never before have neither of the teams who played for a cup the year before NOT made the playoffs. If that's the legacy the Canes want to leave, it's up to them but Carolina and Edmonton be the first in history to do it and that's not a good thing. I didn't see anywhere that said last season was a fluke but I might not have been paying attention. Looks like what he is saying is that they will go down in history books as flukes if neither team makes the playoffs. It's their choice. It ain't over yet.... GO CANES!!!!!!
  9. It's a silly thread for 2 reasons: 1) Look at the title. They should be ashamed of themselves? For what? Losing a game to a good team? Just a few days ago, the Canes beat the Sharks. That was an awesome game!!! Now, they should be ashamed? That's silly. 2) It has degenerated into another exciting episode of "You're not a real fan like I am". I'll be at the last regular season game. I hope it's a win and I hope it gets us into the playoffs. Even if they get beat 9-0 and we're out of the playoffs, I'll be cheering for them at the end of that game. I've had fun watching the team. It's been exciting and sometimes frustrating but I've enjoyed the season. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of...
  10. Are you an Ameri-CAN or an Ameri-Can't???? You can't give 100% 100% of the time. That would be like 10,000%. I really had nothing pertinent to add. What a silly thread. I'm sure they play as hard as they can. Did you see how frustrated they were between periods? There's nothing worse than losing when you're competitive. You can't win all the time. I'd rather they be out of gas now than in the playoffs. Still, though, it ain't over 'till someone closes the Eye.
  11. I agree that Bettman is a fool but I think the parity is a good thing. Sooner or later, a club will figure out how to put together another hockey dynasty. It will just take some time now that you can't throw money at the problem anymore. Isn't that what happened in football?
  12. 1) We got outcoached this season. I don't think Lavi is a bad coach but the coaching staff was not adaptive enough. 2) The entire NHL had our number all season. Every team we played was on their A game because we won the cup. It wasn't the Penguins vs the Canes. It was the Penguins vs the defending stanley cup champs 3) We need Recchi. He would make it all better!!! 4) We were lucky to have Gerber anchor the team last season. Ward is a good goalie who can be great at times but it's a LOOOONG season. He didn't have enough time to develop in the minors though. We're seeing a goalie who is still developing. 5) We're spoiled as fans. We won the cup. It's hard to get into the playoffs. The Canes still have a pretty good record. There are plenty of teams who are worse off. When they're playing well, it's AWESOME hockey. When they're not, they get killed. You never know when the good Canes will show up and save the day. Even during the finals they were doing that. I'd prefer consistency but at least we have great potential. 6) The trades we made last season enabled the team to make a great cup run but it cost us future draft picks. We're going be paying for it in the years to come. 7) They look like they lack confidence. That's why they play soft D, dump the puck, and pass too much. Maybe the spotlight and pressure from winning the cup were too much. It happens. 8) Oh I know. We need M....A...R...K R....E....C....C...H...I!!!!!! His sweat can cure injuries. That's how we stayed healthy last year. Seriously, the injuries affected us but I think we'd be in pretty much the same boat without them.
  13. What’s the worst thing about your job? - Someone wrote in "Cam Janssen". That's funny... I love how there is one vote for Carolina as If you could play for any NHL team (other than your own), which would you choose? Bet it's Adams.
  14. Janssen knew he deserved it. It's pretty lame how many punches Belak landed without doing much damage. Sure was a long fight though. I think they were waiting for a bell for the second round.
  15. Slugs. Cam Ward was talking about the team getting ready for the second season (aka playoffs). That would be a great way to start it off. Whoever gets the 7th and 8th slot will be tough to beat because those teams have already been playing playoff hockey for a month.
  16. I guess you just have to look at the standings and rank coaches that way. What a goofy article. He should write hockey articles for sports illustrated. Craig MacTavish was just riding a hot goalie for 3 rounds? Really? Now, I don't like him much but come on. At least put some effort into the list and make yourself look smart. And the Dave Lewis review was nothing but fluff. Ted Nolan should be #1 all the way. I used to think he did a good job despite Garth but now I'm rethinking that. The Smyth trade was amazing. Maybe the DiPietro contract wasn't as dumb as it originally looked. Interesting....
  17. Welcome to the future of sports... government sponsored venues. If the North Stars can leave MN, no team is safe. Success is relative. It could be measured in $$ or interest or just surviving another year. The bottom line is that the NHL is not seeing success as a whole and that is bad for all of us. We can all point fingers and showcase our own biased viewpoints but in the end, we're just re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic.
  18. The Factory Ice House has learn to play on Sunday nights. Might be a good way to get started again. You'll be amazed how much you've forgotten over the years. There's also a developmental league on Thurdsay nights to get you ready for C leagues. By the way, lunch stick and puck is the best! There are usually just a handful of people on the ice. It's a little hard to work on speed drills with a billion kids mulling about. Of course, once summer hits, I can kiss that goodbye but still... good times! What KILLS ice time around here isn't the number of rinks. We have more ice per person than most northern cities. It's the fact that kids are not allowed to play hockey before school. Get those kids to the rink nice and early like we all had to do and the evenings free up. There you go, problem solved. Pickup for everyone...
  19. How often do you see baseball players or basketball players get stitched up and return? I'm not a fan of those sports so I can't answer that but I bet it's pretty rare (maybe in a playoff game). In our league the other week, we had a guy who got smashed in the face and broke his nose during a game. He bled all over but he didn't miss a shift. We're just regular guys playing for fun. Imagine if that happened in softball or basketball? You'd get out of there and have it looked at immediately. It's just an attitude with hockey. You have to keep it together for an hour and you can fall apart later. You aren't trying to be tough.. you just don't want to miss out on any action. If a fire started in the rink while 2 teams were playing, you'd read about 30 people dying in a horrific fire while playing hockey because nobody would leave. And, of course, everyone would still want to know... who won???
  20. For the love of God who cares? Just get the sport back on ESPN! Bringing an NHL game to England will just reinforce the idea that the league has jumped the shark and is floundering around doing publicity stunts. Besides, we probably won't be able to see this game because it will be covered by some obscure Versus UK channel that nobody will get. Bah...
  21. So each year on opening night, whalers fans weren't excited that the team would make a cup run and win it all? If that's the case, I feel sorry for you guys. That delusion should be what drives all hockey fans. Only one fanbase a year is lucky enough to have that delusion come true but man, its fun to live in that pretend world! As much as you might hate Toronto, you have to appreciate the passion it takes to belive in your team year after year.
  22. I've read interviews of players referring to hits on Gretzky who said things like "you can't hit what you can't catch". I'm not sure how much of the conspiracy I buy into. He was so slippery, players didn't even try to put a big hit on him because they would just get burned badly. Much easier to contain. Plus, he always had good enforcers. He was definitely important to the NHL though. That's why the players used to call him "Brinks".
  23. I can answer that... absolutely. My own kids went from Football to Hockey. The problem is, they can't go outside and play it. They can practice but it's always a trip to a rink for skating so it gets expensive. One other problem (you'll lOVE this), kids aren't allowed to play hockey before school. No hockey practice before the sun comes up. Anyway, having an NHL team here is definitely getting kids interested in the game. The other week, I was changing in the locker room and some kid was talking to his friends about the Miracle on Ice like it was ancient history. They were staring at him slack jawed like he was telling the greatest story ever.
  24. The initial reason for wanting southern teams in the NHL was to make a hefty TV contract more attractive. We've seen how that went. With the new CBA, owners need to put up or shut up. If your team is losing money, fix it, sell it, move it, or finance it. I find it very interesting that cities are subsidizing sports. We can't build enough schools but we pay big bucks for an NHL team to stay here. Why in the world would Karmanos go out of his way to build the fanbase? If it is perceived that he is making money, he won't be able to keep going to the well for more cash. I think tailgating is what fostered the fan base here. The playoff runs helped for sure but being able to tailgate with friends and family has become an important part of Canes games. The ability to go to a hockey game when it's warm is as much a contributor to interest as the wins. If the hockey season changed so we had regular season games in June or July, I bet the team would get a great turnout even if it wasn't the playoffs.
  25. Every game, someone will boo an offsides call that was *clearly* correct. (see the learning the game rules post)
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