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  1. You must see a lot of Caps games as well.
  2. You know what, you are right. I totally had that backwards. Wishful thinking. lol
  3. It is funny that you post this because there is one playoff commercial that they have been showing a lot that shows east teams playing each other and west teams playing each other but at the end of the commercial it shows the Canes after scoring a goal celebrating with the Canucks behind them. I found that to be interesting that they paired those two together.
  4. I hear Barry Melrose is available.
  5. So far you have picked the wrong year to come aboard. But welcome.
  6. Yes, I was hoping to see him get throttled as well. Damn.
  7. So you will be in my neck of the woods. I work for a bank in Colonial Williamsburg.
  8. Pray they put Kolzig in goal. We seem to light him up everytime.
  9. My wife and I stayed at the Residence Inn on Summit Park Lane back in April of 07 and one of the employees there saw me in my jersey and told me that Anson Carter was staying there. Never did seem him though.
  10. so who is screwing up? Cam or the D? Or both? I don't have the game.
  11. Last year I got Staal, Brind'Amour, and Ward to sign a card and a logo that I printed out. Rod was the fastest, followed by Staal, I got Ward's back at the beginning of training camp this season.
  12. Cool, I appreciate the responses. So the best thing to do is right after the game, head outside then?
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