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  1. My family and I suffer thru the last lockout we had in 2004-2005 season. We were frustrated as you are now. That season also resulted in many fans cancelling their season tickets as many are talking about doing now. But it made no difference to the owners and the NHL. When the lockout ended fans once again rushed to buy season tickets. We are living in a state where hockey fans are fans. They may get upset from time to time but when it comes to watching hockey we all rush back to watch. Save yourself some headaches and seats too and just set back and relax. If thousands of us made it thru the lost season you will too.
  2. Can you guess why Kaberle was still available so late in the free agent signings? His point production has fallen the past four years. I don't believe he has anything left in the tank.
  3. We have a neighbor who has a young son who just loves the Canes so we give them our tickets. Although to think about it, he has never made a comment to me on the Slug fans.
  4. You can count at least three STH that wasn't there. We decided that after the 06 playoffs that we would not attend any more games when the SLUGS are in town. Look's like nothing has changed.
  5. I have been a full season ticket holder (section 118) for the past 9yrs. Haven't been to a game yet. Nothing to watch and cheeer.
  6. The SC run was no fluke. We were just a step ahead of everyone else in the new rule changes. You can forget about mgmt. rebuilding this team as a playoff contender, it has never been their style.
  7. Do you have a problem with NHL's public relations department?
  8. What PK said is not passion. The atmosphere he has now created is one where nobody whould want to be coach of this team. This is the type of person PK is. The world revolves around him. If I was a player and after reading what PK said I don't believe I would want to play for that organization. PK is and always will be the problem with this organization. For a man in his position to say the PL was along for the ride in the cup run is nothing short of being an idiot. How would you like it if your boss said the same things about you? I doubt that you would want to continue working for someone like PK. Well it holds true with professional sports, good luck in finding anyone to coach this team let alone play for him.
  9. No more deals for us. We have very little left to offer anybody. No multiple trades. JR still seams that this team can win the division. I would agree with that before the trade deadline. Washington has position themselves to make a serious run for the divisional title.
  10. Your right the ice will suck and the possibility of more injuries is bigger than ever.
  11. The Canes continue to prove that they are a .500 team. What a surprise.
  12. I agree with you. No way does Forsberg wants to play for the Canes.
  13. The Canes for the most part have always been a .500 team. A team that is not a Stanley Cup contender but a team that is built just to make the playoffs. In order for a team to become a Stanley Cup contender year after year it requires excellent scouting, good draft choices, good free agent signing, and a committment to do what ever it takes to put a contender on the ice. Year after year other teams come up with outstanding players that have been discovered while playing somewhere else. When was the last time our scounting team found a player that was outstanding. Our draft choices have been at most average. Staal our franchise player(?) has yet to take his game to the next level. Where has he been since the All Star game? Why hasen't he taken this team on his shoulders like other franchise players have done with other teams? This team is in deep trouble. Like it or not it will take more than just a couple of players for the Canes to become Stanley Cup contenders. If we don't revamped this team now it will always continue to be a .500 team.
  14. I dont't think Cam Ward is ready to be a No# 1 goalie. I believe we rushed him to early and if he does become a no#1 goalie it will take a little longer. Worst performance for any goalie.
  15. Well the Islanders announcer are saying were lazy on the puck. That the Islanders are out working us. Nothing new here. We already knew that for the last couple of months.
  16. It's easier to change coaches then players. I believe that Lavi or a new coach needs to find out what players really want to play for us. I have a hunch that there is a player or two who may not want too. Trades will be next to impossible to make this year. Too many teams are still in contention for a playoff position.
  17. I don't think it makes any difference who is in goal. Until we start working harder without the puck and our defence begins to play well it just won't make a difference.
  18. How much worse can it get? We can't even beat back-up goalies now.
  19. Hamilton should be traded if we have a chance to do so. No team can afford to keep a player just because he has a good shot. The only reason for not trading him is that nobody else wants him. Chicago proved that last year. He has no value.
  20. You can say anything you like about Avery but the Rangers are a far better team when he plays and that's what counts. I wish we had someone like Avery. A player who comes to play every game and can get under players nerves. There aren't many teams in the NHL who wouldn't want someone like Avery to play.
  21. Well, we can't blame the refs on this one. But I bet the Maple Leafs are.
  22. I surely hope that Staal is not our franchise player. Staal has shown that he is a solid hockey player with skills. He has had one terrific year. But that was the year when several of our players had terrfic years. For Staal to become the player that we thinkhe can become he needs to become a leader. That he has not shown. There is still time for this to happen. But every year that he dosen't become our leader is only proof that it's not in him. I think Staal is a very good hockey player but I don't believe he will ever become a super star.
  23. Well, we all know what problems this team has but there is a saving grace, were in the weakest division in the league.
  24. Ward didn't let us down it was our lack of a powerplay. 1 for 8 is not acceptable.
  25. Some players don't want to go to the slot and pay the price. In order for our team to be successful they have to work hard. One of our problems is that we need to work even harder when we don't have the puck. The better teams are always working harder when they don't have the puck. The players need to become accountable for their play. This team will continue to lose until that happens.
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