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  1. Greetings from Atlanta's Nasty Nest. I am NOT here to gloat, but as an expert in following a traditionally cr*ppy team, lemme just say that a true fan remains a fan, good or bad. If anything, this should help you to figure out who is a real fan, and who is a fair weather one. It is easy to cheer for a winner, but to cheer for a loser speaks to character. Keep your chins up! (Unless you play Atlanta, and then you can stare at the ground kickin' rocks - that's just how rivalries work!) Billsen PS - it could be worse. You could be a Leafs fan!
  2. Everything was sold out except for the "Rockin' Skate" event, which was just a glorified practice session. It was a fantastic weekend - if you didn't get to go, my pal Mark posted a ton of photos of the whole weekend on the NastyNest.net website: http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs22/forums/thr...s=4&start=1[/post] http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs22/forums/thr...s=7&start=1 http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs22/forums/thr...s=5&start=1 http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs22/forums/thr...s=2&start=1 http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs22/forums/thr...s=5&start=1 His seats were better than mine, and he used a nicer camera than the one I brought. ;-) I hope you guys get to host this event - it was hockey heaven for me. Worth every penny. Billsen
  3. good luck to you guys in the playoffs. :-) you might help us as well against Tampa if we even have a chance to beat them out on the last day of the season. Deal! Billsen
  4. Good luck tonight, 'Canes. Please beat the Dolts in *regulation*! Atlanta is pulling for you guys! Billsen
  5. You realize we're gunning for you after we ground the Lightning, right? :mrgreen: I'd expect no less. BTW, did you guys read that cr*p Mats Sundin said about our division in the Toronto newspaper? http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Hockey/20...861586-sun.html You'd think that a division that holds the last two cups would get a little bit of respect. Sundin is a cry baby... Billsen
  6. For what it is worth, all Thrashers fans are hoping that you beat the snot out of Tampa. Just do it in regulation, okay? No points for Tampa! ) Billsen "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!"
  7. I'm a Thrashers season ticket holder, and I was in RDU for work, so I went to this game. Obviously I was happy with the outcome, but I also wanted to commend your fans for being very hospitable, and for the congrats that were offered at the end of the game. You guys are classy. I also wanted to give you guys a heads up, if you're planning to come down for the game this Saturday in Atlanta. There are 4 relatively big events going on downtown, so parking will be at a premium not just in price, but also in terms of spots. In other words, give yourself a lot of time to make the start of the game. You may want to park at a Marta lot, and take the train in - itsmarta.com can guide you there - there is a Marta stop at the rear of Philips arena. Another (more fun) option would be to get down early and tailgate with us. The Nasty Nest tailgates in "The Gulch" starting around 3PM. You'd be more than welcome to join us if you don't mind some good-natured ribbing before the game. Details on how to find us can be found here: http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs2/forums/forum-view.asp?fid=29 Anyway, if you come, you'll get bonus points if you bring some Eastern NC BBQ! Hope to see some of you there! Billsen
  8. This is for Clare, but really for any you folks who want to come to Atlanta for the Thrashers/Canes game on 2/24 or 3/4. She had posted on our site (www.nastynest.net), but I wasn't sure if she'd get the message... Clare, we'd love to have you guys down for a tailgate! As far as tickets go, you can try talking to one of our Season Ticket reps, and tell them that we (The Nasty Nest) sent you - they know us, for good or bad! My rep is Ryan Sember and you can reach him at 404-878-3958, or at ryan.sember@atlantaspirit.com You might also want to check out group ticket options - http://www.atlantathrashers.com/Tickets.as...a7-a7ef4bfc0450 Not sure that the minimums are, though... If I had to pick, I'd go with the Saturday game on 2/24, as that is 7PM. If you leave RDU early, you can get to our spot by 3ish, and be sufficiently sloppy by 4PM ('specially if Monkey makes his jello shots). If you want a hotel within stumbling distance, the Omni Hotel is literally next to the arena (but it might be a bit pricey). I think there is a Days or Best Western in the general area, but I'm not sure on that. For details on our tailgates (like where to find us and what to expect) check this link: http://www.nastynest.net/mbbs2/forums/thre...id=3617&posts=1 Billsen
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