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  1. Most good players are a little streaky. He's just going through a scoring slump. He just needs to fight through this and need to contribute in other ways - play good defense, PK, win face-offs, hit, etc - until he gets out of it. Other guys need to step up while he's in his slump. He has saved this team in the past and now its time for the other guys to save him and the team.
  2. Sure the Wild's PP was great that night but you missed an important stat - against the Canadiens a week and half ago, they went 0-10 and with 2 back-to-back 5-on-3s. PPs sometimes click and sometimes don't. When its not clicking, time for adjustments, which includes changing up the units.
  3. Looks like Sutter left the hospital. I hope he's doing much better. Keep your head up. Its a hard lesson to learn but Sutter will be keeping his head up from now on. Everyone's heard the cliche, "this game is a game of inches." If Sutter didn't reach out and by consequence lowered his head, it would have been a shoulder-to-shoulder hit. On a different note, are the Hurricanes cursed? Pitkanen is out for about a month with knee surgery.
  4. I agree with TH24, some of the comments on this thread show no compassion. Either through compassion or evidence, the team and Peter Karmanos reached a settlement with Tanabe outside of an arbitration hearing. Its not your money, my money, but PK's money. Since he gave the go ahead for JR and the legal team to make a settlement, he is fine with it.
  5. Let it go. They settled. Tanabe isn't going to play professional hockey anymore. The Hurricanes can move on and save themselves some money. Its a sad day all around.
  6. Playing for the point would mean playing team defense, which the team lacked last year. Detroit's puck possession game was so strong last season was because they played team defense. Forwards went back to help their defensemen. Five up and five back. Play team defense to not let them score on you but don't forget to take the scoring chances that are there. Easier said than done.
  7. Doctors have diagnosed it. That is why its not a scam. I am sure they were testing him every week during the season to see if he met his baseline test and would have examined his related symptoms to make sure that they truly existed. Most of these tests are objective not subjective. Just because they didn't noticed it, doesn't mean it didn't happen either. Like superdave said, let the arbitration process work itself out.
  8. The problem of it is that he probably does have a permanent disability. I would agree that he should meet with JR if the situation was not going to arbitration. At this juncture, there is no point in meeting with JR or attending camp. And if he does meet with JR, you can bet your life that he wouldn't do it without having his lawyer with him. Just let arbitration settle it. One way or the other, it will get resolve: buyout or they pay him his $900K.
  9. Why should he show up? What's the courtesy there? There is bad blood from both sides already. Tanabe not meeting with JR. JR trying to buy out Tanabe when there were indications that he wasn't completely cleared. Let arbitration work out the problem.
  10. virago


    Do they show people being struck by lightning, a predator attacking a someone, or a person dying of avian bird flu? Nope.
  11. virago


    You think its inappropriate in light of the damages wreaked by Gustav and Ike? Specifically, showing quick images of actual damages?
  12. Its not bad. I don't care for the silver armbands, red by itself would have been fine. I also don't care for the arrow-down socks. They look like something out of the 60s.
  13. Don't knock Keith Carney. He worked wonders for Brent Burns and Burns would be the first to admit it. He could do the same for Borer if he makes the team. However, that doesn't seem likely. Carney is positioning and defensively sound. The Canes would be lucky to land him to mentor an up-and-coming d-men. Wesley can help from his new position but he can't do it on the ice during the games.
  14. Tim Conboy is skating in Minnesota with other NHLers per the Wild's beat writer, Mike Russo. Octoagon is a player representation agency based in MN. I guess they rent out a couple sheets of ice every year for a couple of weeks for NHL players that they represent and don't represent. Hedican skated there last year. 3. I went out to the Octagon camp yesterday morning and there were a bunch of Wild players, other NHLers, college and high school players out there. Off the top of my head: Brent Burns, Derek Boogaard, Josh Harding, Stephane Veilleux, Mark Parrish, Florida’s Keith Ballard, New Jersey’s Paul Martin, Pittsburgh’s Aaron Boogaard and Alex Goligoski, Tampa Bay’s Mike Lundin and Brandon Bochenski, Carolina’s Tim Conboy, Chicago’s Dustin Byfuglien, the Islanders’ Tim Jackman, Erik Rasmussen, Wyatt Smith, Ben Clymer, Mike Stuart and others. Ryan Malone was there Monday. A number of high school players were there too, including Minnetonka’s Max Gardiner, the younger brother of Jake Gardiner, who is Wisconsin-bound and was drafted in the first round by Anaheim in June. More Wild players will be showing up the next three weeks as players arrive back in town. http://ww3.startribune.com/blogs/wildblog/2008/08/27/wednesday-check-in/#comment-146711
  15. Is Cullen back? Or maybe the question should be, did Cullen go to MN where he spends his off-season?
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