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  1. Sent you an e-mail. I am interested if you still have the ticket available.
  2. I'm interested! I'l send you a PM or I can be reached at caniac4ever@yahoo.com.
  3. Sorry man. I already bought my college discounted ticket or I would take you up on this awesome seat again... Next time!
  4. Sent you a PM. I'm interested in your ticket... caniac4ever@yahoo.com
  5. That's cool! I'm just happy that they can both laugh about it and move on... I'm just as happy they decided against sitting in each others laps for the interview!!!
  6. I'm thinking he just forgot about us...
  7. I was in hopes he would go to a team where I could wish him well... No chance of that happening now!
  8. I'm quite sure that Chuck called last years... For at least a couple of the home games they streamed the jumbotron (sp?) feed and put Chuck on as the audio with it. I'm sure in hopes they do it again!
  9. Guess I'll be the odd one here... Not that I'm a devils fan but I've always been a fan of Marty's... Except when he's fending of my CANES!!! Go Devils!
  10. That is cool... I really hope he stays!! Makes me just a bit dubious tho if he's wanting to hear what he can get elsewhere... Whitney was the perfect example for him...
  11. WAY TO GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well I didn't get to see to much of the game but it sure looked to me like Marty was back on his game... If it wasn't for some of his sweet saves the sens could have totally toasted the devils... Come on Devils... Let's make it a series.....
  13. Doug is an awesome player and an awesome person... I don't blame him for going back home to St. Louis, but I'm sure that Caniac Nation would welcome him back with open arms...
  14. ""Avery on the Sabres: "I'm going to hurt them, I'm going to hit them, I'm going to be in their face as much as I can." "" That was brought over from NHL.com... I'm guessing the sabres have a bit more stress in this round... GO RANGERS!!!
  15. Way to go Stars! And way to go Marty!!! Game 7 here we come...
  16. I will always love my good ol Canes... Sure, we're all pretty dissapointed that our season is over, but for me anyway, it's not the amount of wins we get that makes this team... It's the character... -Caniac4ever-
  17. What can you tell me about the standing room only ticket? Where is it in the arena? Can you see good?
  18. I'm very interested... I'm new to this. Can I pay you when I pick up the tickets or what is the preferred payment?
  19. If you haven't sold these yet would you be willing to sell just one?
  20. Would it work to pick up the ticket the day of the game? I've been out of town and don't fly back in till Tuesday morning...
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