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  1. I think it's time to sell and clean house. Keep the 2 Staals, Semin, Skinner, Faulk, and Sekera. Everyone and Anyone else on the roster can be discussed. I like Muller, but he's not getting it done. Ronnie should be calling old friend Kevin Dineen. And I say Ronnie because he needs to be our next GM. I'm just spent watching the team add/remove a few parts and hope for the best year in and year out being just good enough to miss the playoffs be a few points. Also, the sucking for draft picks doesn't always work like i did for Chicago and Pitt. Edmonton comes to mind...
  2. They can't use a compliance buyout this year because the buyout windows closed on July 4th. So if they decide to ink Hainsey, they will have to move a contract out.
  3. Look again. The Canes have TWENTY sets of back to back games, 18 of which involve travel. Most are not crazy hard travel, but travel nonetheless. My guess is that 20 sets is going to be either at or near the top of the league.
  4. Dan Ellis has never started more the 37 games in a season, so lets relax a bit on that "RANKED #1" stuff. In addition... you do realize the difference in a .10 % point, right? By your logic, Brodeur must really suck because his career save % is only .9131... a whole .031 better than Ward. (That's 1 goal for every 32 shots faced, fyi). With a helluva much better D in front of him most of those years. Also by your logic, based on the early season so far, Chris Mason should be handed the starter's job in Nashville, based on his 1 game w/ .967 save % (vs, .899 for Rinne) Marty Biron should start over Lundqvist (.950 to .905).. I could go on.... And just to show how much save % really means, look at your top 4. Exactly how many cups have they won again? Oh that's right.... none. Meanwhile Fleury (who's below Ward, btw) has. But i guess he sucks too. Listen, I LIKE Dan Ellis. This team needs a guy like him to step in and get the job done when called upon. But he's just not being handed the starting job for this team, nor should he at this point.
  5. Aaaand the Rangers should no longer trust Lundqvist (.905), the Penguins should bench Fleury (.890), the Wild should sit Backstrom (.887), the Ducks' Hiller (.868), and Phoenix should just flat-out cut Mike Smith (.836). Oh, and Pekke Rinne with a sparkling .899. All this Cam Ward hate is just hilarious. Cam now ranks #39 out of 41 NHL goalies when ranking on SAVE%. Dan Ellis remains #2 in the entire NHL on that metric!! Thanks for nothing Kirk, way to not play the HOT GOALIE. Brilliant!!!!
  6. On Puck Daddy's chat this afternoon, Spector linked the Canes to Semin on multiple occasions: Spector: Doan could return to the Coyotes. Semin will have to take a one-year deal from someone, maybe the Hurricanes. Spector: Rutherford expressed interest in Semin on a one-year deal. No word on the dollars So, there's this at least. -Gregg
  7. And I certainly hope no one complains about the $3m cap hit for Jokinen. Worth every penny and then some.
  8. I am firmly in the Josh Harding camp. Cheaper than Conklin and only 27 years old.
  9. brandon morrison avg $1.7 mill and 40 pts yr the last few years - Same money as LaRose, and is 37 years old.. david moss 30+ points, 1.2 mill/yr - Scored 30+ points exactly twice in 5 seasons. brad marchad, 40+ points, $600K - Marchand is on an ECL, cant really compare that. teddy purcell, 51 points,$750,000 - 51 points last season, but before that 9, 6, and 16 points.... need to see it again. dominic moore, 32 points, $1 mill - 32 points last year, 41 in 08-09 with the Leafs. However, in 6 other seasons/partial seasons, he failed to reach 20 points. Injuries have had something to do with that. nathan gerbe, 31 points, $850,000 - Gerbe signed a 3 yr deal with Buffalo with a cap hit of $1.433 million, so that's pretty close to LaRose ($1.7 hit) money with the same points. Granted, he is younger than LaRose but I don't see Gerbe as more than a 40 point player either. andrej sekera, 29 points $1.2 mill - 34 points last season. In 3 prior seasons/partial seasons his best was 22pts. The other two he had 11 & 8.... thomas kopecky , 42 points, $1.2 mill - Signed a 4 year deal with Florida at $3m per..... brian bickell, 37 points, $500,000 - 37 points in his first full season with the Hawks. He is under contract though so we would have needed to trade for him. troy brower, 36 points $1,050,000 - is an RFA, and will be getting more than LaRose I am certain. david jones, 45 points, $850,000 - Signed a 1 year deal for $2.5 million. jakob voracek, 47 points, $787,000 - Also an RFA, lets see what he signs for. So as far as this list goes, we couldn't realistically get any of these players. Also, several of them have re-signed for more money already. I think LaRose's contract is just fine for what he brings. Maybe just a TAD on the high side, but seeing what similar point producers are getting paid, it's really not bad at all. My point is, guys who scored 30-40 points don't make less money for long. Eventually, you have to pay them.
  10. McKenzie is reporting on Twitter that LaRose signs a 2yr deal to stay with the Canes! McKenzie says 2 years for LaRose at $1.5m next season and $1.9m the season after. Cap hit of $1.7m. Canes Agree to Terms with Forward Chad LaRose Winger scored 16 goals in his sixth NHL season in 2010-11; agrees to two-year deal Wednesday, 06.29.2011 / 10:32 AM / News By Terrell Williams RALEIGH, NC – Jim Rutherford, President and General Manager of the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that the team has agreed to terms with right wing Chad LaRose on a two-year contract. The deal will pay LaRose $1.5 million in 2011-12, and $1.9 million in 2012-13. “Chad has been one of my favorite players right through his entire Compuware career, and it is my hope that he is a lifelong player with the organization,” said Rutherford. “His work ethic and locker room presence drive our team, whether it’s a game or a practice, and he excels in his role on the ice for the Hurricanes.” LaRose, 29, ranked sixth among Hurricanes with 16 goals in 2010-11, and matched his career-high for points in a season with 31. The Fraser, MI, native was fourth on the team in hits (196), and skated in a career-high 82 games. LaRose (5’10”, 181 lbs.) played his 400th NHL game for the Hurricanes on March 29 at Washington, and has now scored at least 10 goals in each of the last four seasons. LaRose is a product of the Compuware youth hockey system, and has played for the organization at nearly every level, including youth hockey (Compuware), junior hockey (Plymouth), the ECHL (Florida) and the NHL (Carolina). Signed by the Hurricanes as an undrafted free agent after scoring 61 goals in his final season of junior hockey with Plymouth, LaRose has totaled 64 goals, 80 assists (144 points) and 209 penalty minutes in 406 career NHL games with the Hurricanes. He has also posted four goals and eight assists (12 points) in 39 Stanley Cup playoff games, including 21 of Carolina’s 25 games during the team’s 2006 run to the Stanley Cup championship.
  11. Not if one of those forwards being included in any potential deal are playing in Charlotte....
  12. Brandon Sutter will be on NHL Live today at 12:30 Chad LaRose will be on HNiC Radio with Jeff Marek today at 5:30. Sirius 97 and 127.
  13. First pic from last night's gamesFrozen Moment
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