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  1. testing testing here..Had a lot of problems toward the end of last year..got where i could not post and somtimes log on. Lets hope this year will be ok for me.. Go Canes Go...
  2. I really believe tonight we are going to win this game...Lets get it done guys..Postive thinking..
  3. Thanks.. Good luck in the playoffs the caps have played some good hockey. Next year!!
  4. Thanks for all the post on here.. There was a survey on the lottery website you had to fill out. About the pick three day draw they might be getting. And they were going to pick 100 names for a prize pack. Which was a 2006 champion jersey and polo shirt. A wind shirt a backpack a frame with a picture of the stanley cup. And a piece of the net fron the champonship game a coin in it and a patch. And 2 free tickets to the game..How I won was someone they could not contact. And they drew my name as alterntive.. Yes i love the hurricanes..Only been watching all most three years now. I finally found that we had a team in 2006 when it was close to the end of the season. For some reason i just never came across the tv when they were playing on tv. And one night i seen them. And was hooked. I all ways kinda liked hockey. In the olympics really got into that. I set here and watch on tv and yell and get all wound up when it is on..Gets my heart pumping Love it!! I found a friend to go with me thursday night so i should be there if nothing happens. I am so so excited for this it is really like a dream come true for me. Again thanks for all the post..
  5. Hello testing testing.. New to posting here not to smart when it comes to this stuff!! I live in winston-salem N.C. and have been a fan now for 3 years. I never even knew north carolina had a hockey team.. Until i seen it on tv one night. Hope they do good tonight and win.. We need a win tonight bad!!
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