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  1. Well we got back awhile ago! Had a great time! I was psyched that "we" shut em out! Exactly what I wanted to see! Hopefully it will quiet the Jets fans down a bit; who I must say have been a tad obnoxious. Anyway I digress.... I must admit it was funny rooting for the Canes as we have been "rivals" but it was awesome. Everyone was great, I wore my Thrasher jersey proudly and got a lot of great comments and "welcomes" from all the Canes fans! Thank you! I immediately bought a Canes hat so there would be no confusion about who I was supporting. Canes salesman was comical....as soon as I walked up he says..."You are one of us now right?!" I had to laugh, that was cool! I saw a few Thrashers jerseys but I was surprised there weren't more. I heard a lot of great things about Raleigh so I see a trip or two up there in my future for sure! Anyway I'm looking forward to a great season and more Jets shutouts!! Lol. Go Canes!!
  2. Background - former Thrashers fan /current Canes fans! NOT a Jets fan! I only live an hour and a bit from Charlotte so I'm trying to finalize my trip up to there Sunday for the pre-season game againt the Jets. I've got my Thrashers Jersey dusted off and ready to go but I don't want to appear to be supporting the Jets....what to do what to do?? Obviously I still like some of the players just not a fan of how we became orphans! I'm very much appreciative of the welcoming we've gotten from Canes fans (thank you thank you)so anyway what to do what to do? Retire the Jersey to the back of the closet?....wear it anyway and scream for the canes?? What say you? What are the other Cane-Birds gonna do Sunday? LOL Again thanks for open arms ya'll Caniacs have shown to us ex Thrashers!
  3. Thanks Parris Bridge Rd here! Interesting idea! ?? The Checkers? or are the Canes having a preseason game in Charlotte?
  4. Thanks for all the "Welcomes"! And I'm sure I speak for all the other X-Thrasher fans as well. Thanks too for the Fan Club Info! I'll have to check that out some more this evening. It's pretty cool that the Checkers are affiliated with the Canes....that's just an hour or so from the house! Obviously it will be easier to see a game there than in Raleigh (although I definately see a couple road trips in my future!); so I can still feel like I'm supporting but in Charlotte. Again thanks for the welcomes!
  5. Well I didn't think I would be so late to this party! I am also a fan without a team...I was checking out some of the other posts and it's awesome to see the welcome that has been given to all the displaced Thrasher fans. As someone said in another post, I too got the email from the Preds trying to entice us to their camp....pretty good deal actually but I've always had a soft spot for the Canes; they are the "Carolina" Hurricanes after all. I live in the upstate SC and proximity wise the Thrashers just always made sense. The Canes/Thrasher avatar overlay is really cool too; I have always thought Canes fans were a class act and this just goes to prove it. I look forward to pulling for the Canes this year with ya'll....although can I do it wearing a Thrasher jersey? (Hey I paid alot of money for that thing!) Anyway.... By the way, does Carolina have an official Fan Club? Atlanta had a pretty strong active club so I was just wondering. Thanks in advance, Eric
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