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  1. You've been a warrior since you stepped on the ice at the RBC Center and it surprises no one that you continued to play through your injury. Your dedication to the team and the game are admirable; you have taught us the true meaning of the word "sisu". Get well soon and I'm looking forward to hearing 18,000+ Caniacs Ruuuuuuuuing throughout the 2010-2011 season! -Rachel
  2. Thanks! I figured you were on top of it, but I had people bugging me about it so I told them I'd check.
  3. Any thoughts as to whether a get well soon thread will be started for Joe? I know a lot of people would like to send him get well wishes.
  4. I'm all for this. I'm not aware of any rule that wouldn't allow JR to do this; is anyone else?
  5. ^This. I don't care who works on it or how they do it, but the PP has to be better this season, all season long. I'm not sure if they need a fresh approach/set of eyes or just more practice at what they tried to implement last year, but that's the one area I think the coaching staff needs to put extra emphasis on.
  6. Bingo. I can't fault him for wanting a more stable situation for his family, and frankly I think he's earned a one deal. I know that JR was going to leave the 2-way deal on the table for some time; I wonder if that's still an option. I would love to have him return as part of our organization next season.
  7. I would have to disagree with you about him never being noticed. I thought he brought his A game every night and after many games, he would stick out in my mind more than some of the big stars (especially early in the season). Granted when the 4th line is getting 5 minutes a game, it's hard to rack up the points (12 regular season and 4 in the playoffs), but for what he was given, I thought he did really well.
  8. I thought so too, but I think this is better for Sutter's development. Yelle brings a veteran point of view to the team and creates a bigger presence on the 4th line both in terms of experience and tangible skills (i.e. faceoffs). Plus, IMO, he's kind of an insurance policy in case Rod's play slips. If Sutter spends the next season in Albany, he can be the top line center rather than getting 2 or 3 minutes on the 4th line at the NHL level.
  9. I don't really think we have a true top-pairing. Corvo/Gleason and Pit/Ward are pretty solid combinations. Both pairs should get about equal minutes (which may take a little pressure off of Pitkanen who seemed to play entire games at times) and hopefully this will keep them all fresh throughout the game and season.
  10. With the Yelle signing, he will most likely spend the season in Albany unless he really impresses at camp or there are injuries during the season.
  11. All of Clemson is cheering for you to beat SC!
  12. I think if "it's a Caniac thing" was going to be a ticket promo, it could work really well. But for the season's slogan? I liked some of our ideas better.
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