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  1. Preds board is back up..... I am not pleased with the new layout and platform.
  2. Porcello looked like a fool throwing his arms up acting like why you rushing me? What does a 5 game suspension do for a pitcher? Miss a start while the batter sits for 5. Anyways Time to see what Pedro still has.
  3. That is sad, he's still serviceable in the short term, but his days of being a starter are over. In other news Youk was slapped with a 5 game suspension. Is appealing will start out starting tonights game.
  4. Maybe he will teach Chris Mason to close that 5 hole.......... or not.
  5. Party at Scott Walker's house! Too early?
  6. That is total speculation. Nashville isn't on the block, not while DelBiggio is in bankruptcy court. Canes made money= no reason to sell.
  7. Thank you for sending New Jersey and most of all Boston to the golf course early. Thank you for not quitting.
  8. Only requirement is before the next game played. Could be today, could be in the morning.
  9. I've heard worse.... I tend to not worry about what slobbering anyone is doing over the Pens. Just watch the game and tune them out.
  10. He's an idiot.... no two ways around it.
  11. I was thinking the parking lot of Elitch Gardens across the street should be good enough.
  12. Not sure comparing Varlamov to Ward is a fair comparison. Once he was exposed it didn't matter what WSH did. I'm pretty sure the team is veteran enough to know this isn't about settling any old scores.
  13. Jokinen and Ward if you can get around to it.
  14. He was a fan favorite for sure, I don't remember what he said exactly, I pretty much let go whatever the players said during the lockout anyways.
  15. Oh a few over there pretty much said "eff him", over a supposed comment of contracting Nashville during the lockout. Yet no one can provide proof of it, but proof saying he'd never vote to contract teams is found. So it's a matter of who to believe. He was the PA rep in Nashville.
  16. That covers it I got told to be quiet when Walks ended it. Funny since I wasn't making any noise.
  17. Probably not until the new flight plan is filed.
  18. End 11:22 EDT Scheduled Actual/Estimated Departure 11:40PM EDT 11:40PM EDT Doubt it
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