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  1. Both Youk and Porcello were suspended for 5 games, and Edwin Jackson was fined for his over agressive participation in the mayhem.

    I cant blame Youk for charging the mound but he shouldn't have thrown the helmet. I hope it serves as a wake up call for the team.

    Porcello looked like a fool throwing his arms up acting like why you rushing me? What does a 5 game suspension do for a pitcher? Miss a start while the batter sits for 5.


    Time to see what Pedro still has.

  2. Oh a few over there pretty much said "eff him", over a supposed comment of contracting Nashville during the lockout. Yet no one can provide proof of it, but proof saying he'd never vote to contract teams is found. So it's a matter of who to believe.

    He was the PA rep in Nashville.

  3. I'd say it's all about money, ESPN won't give the NHL what it really needs, a ton of money that can be used by the clubs. If the teams are sharing the TV money they are getting about around 2M each. It's not nearly enough. They need a deal that will help offset player salary in large part. I'd have to say ESPN/ABC isn't prepared to pay what they used to. NBC needs to start paying for the coverage they provide.

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