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  1. I'd say it's all about money, ESPN won't give the NHL what it really needs, a ton of money that can be used by the clubs. If the teams are sharing the TV money they are getting about around 2M each. It's not nearly enough. They need a deal that will help offset player salary in large part. I'd have to say ESPN/ABC isn't prepared to pay what they used to. NBC needs to start paying for the coverage they provide.
  2. I read the bold print, but since most players have been doing this since the playoffs started and hasn't been called to date, I wouldn't expect them to call it now.
  3. Maybe by their opinion. By the rulebook not so much.
  4. He was on his skates when contact was made. I had to watch the replay to be sure, I thought he left his feet at first glance.
  5. That's good and it more than justifies the no suspension.
  6. Kinda surprising, got one update saying suspension then the fine..... oh well.
  7. If there is any displacement, he won't be playing.
  8. I'm waiting for another group to say Florida, then Tampa.... who are still in financial trouble. To be rumored to be moving next.
  9. Now that you mention it, the time I saw him his jacket didn't seem to fit quite right.
  10. As much as Bettman loves to talk out of both sides of his mouth, one would have a hard time believing what he says as fact. But if the league was running the team if they were going to give no further financial assistance after February........ who was paying the bills and running them then? Too many questions, not enough answers. 2 owners, 13 years no profits, 4 first round exits, and any good players they have get traded..... except Shane Doan. Is it really going to work? The big question is..... how long is failure tolerated? I went though this 2 years ago..... and today, I'm still not convinced the NHL is going to stay here.
  11. The judge granted lawyers for the NHL and Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes time to work out a schedule All in about a minute. Court is in recess.
  12. That was the shock of the day........... sort of.
  13. That was a staple during the National Anthem in Dallas.
  14. See when he was trying to buy Nashville, the Preds were locked into their lease, Bettman made it clear as long as they had an active lease Jim couldn't move them. If the bankruptcy voids the lease with Glendale, Bettman is going to be in for a huge fight in regards to stopping JB. All it takes to defeat JB now is someone with $217.5M now.
  15. Small aircraft.... oh well it gets the job done.
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