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  1. After we won The Cup, i called into XM on the drive home and told the guys: "Keith Primeau who?" They laughed and agreed we got the better part of that trade.
  2. Nice to hear about welcoming parties and unofficial festivities, but I'm trying to find "official" details to exactly what our ASG ticket packages provide us in terms of events, times, locations. Is it still that hard to know what the plans are? Does anybody know? Bueller?
  3. I've hit a wall just reading this thread.
  4. Upgraded from Blackberry Curve to the BB Tour just before Helsinki trip. Love my Blackberry Tour - has global range, took it to Helsinki (but turned off data access so as not to get this with huge bill), phone worked fine. I had an iPhone for <14 days. No reception at my house. Sprint blackberry yes. I also could not type/text on iPhone as I have long nails and could not work the touch screen. iPhone email works on wi-fi reception, yes?? (correct me if I'm wrong....but you can only access email if I could get wi-fi signal). All other apps work like a regular cell phone. Blackberry (and most other phones) work on regular cellphone signal (which will make them a bit slower than wi-fi). Have fun figuring it out!
  5. We were chanting "Airport, airport, airport" at our bus driver on way back from game to hotel. We were denied! BTW, Joni will have is cocker spaniel with him, bringing him back to Raleigh from FInland. This really explains Joni.
  6. Well, it was a tongue-in-check question...... The initial header was "private conversations/PMs", which sure sounds simple enough. Then there was 1/2 page of stuff on how to actual perform a conversation. When you call something a conversation,
  7. Received mine today around 5pm. Haven't opened the package yet. It sure is small, compact.
  8. I liked following Dan Ellis on twitter. But, he tends to over-tweet. Liked is the operative work, he shut down his twitter account this morning. Anyway, I find it disheartening and hypocritical that "millionaires" get slammed when they lament the economy and their loss of income, but when low and middle class complain = sympathy. Another instance of class warfare, IMO. DEllis got into hot water when he started to explain/justify his original tweet, which was just an extension of a re-tweet by none other than Reggie Bush (who stands to lose out much more, potentially, if he is successfully sued).
  9. Same thing happened to me, Although I logged out after posting, then logged back in. Hoping it's not a "log in/out" issue.
  10. As per blackberry "messaging", are the messaging coversations on this site subpoenable?
  11. so far I like. lets try this again. 3rd attempt to post.
  12. [quote name='TSA wrote: JLP']A year in the wilderness seems to be a recurring theme for NHL fans. At least they realized their mistake, give them credit for that I guess. The main thing I liked about Invision was it was so much better on mobile browsers, plus it offered a low-fi version if the full version was too much. You'll have that lo-fi option with the new Invision board. We have that now.....just not logging on!
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