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  1. JR is absolutley not going to take another young D-guy, he has said it many times that in this cap world he does not like to wait two, three and sometimes four years for a guy to develop unless he is like a Phaneuf who could step right in and play, but there are not many of those players ever available so he is most apt to go with a guy who at least has a shot at playing?
  2. Wow that is not trying to rub it in, for the life of me I would never waist my time on another teams board?
  3. What ever happens you can't take 2006 away from us!
  4. three post in one period and they don't even count as shots on net! The hockey gods will even the score?
  5. PLEASE everyone remember the last time the Caps have won 6 games in a row I was in diapers!
  6. Man I wish Brindy was in the line-up last night!
  7. I am going to put a huge amount of money down on the Caps! I am traditionally the world's worst gambler, I never win any money! The panthers are such underdogs, any time I have ever gone with a favorite it's resulted in a LOSS! Go Caps GO (sarcasm)
  8. What a season, thank you for everything! I still can't beleive with all the injury's we got to enjoy good hockey all the way until tonight! Here's to nest season,"GULP"!
  9. CARDIAC CANES! Let's go boys! Have not seen a good come from behind win in a while their due!
  10. The Cardiac Canes as pur Bob Mckenzie on TSN,"They are capable of scoring 2 or 3 really fast goals!" he was just saying that on the intermission between the Sens and Bruins!
  11. I am still in shock about the fact that it is the last game of the year, wow it went fast! GO CANES GO!
  12. Agreed IMO MTL is a powerhouse with deadly coaching they play their system better than any team in the league! I still think the Canes, if they do get in are going to surprise many but I realize that without Roddy and our premium puck possesion game, it will be tough to go all the way!
  13. I beleive that Price might get another trophy this spring called the Conn Smyth!
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