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  1. Great Job by the Canes! Awesome hockey event to attend in the middle of the Summer. The weather was perfect and there was a tremendous turnout. Lots of young Caniacs attended the event and enjoyed the festivities. I think LaRose needs to go into politics after hearing his response to a question concerning the Erik Cole trade. I also got a chuckle when an audience member asked LaRose to tell a joke, that sure caught him off guard, because he couldn't think of a G rated one he could tell the crowd. Williams looked good, but he let LaRose do most the talking while they were on stage. Wesley seems excited about his new position as a Coach. Peter L asked while LaRose didn't commit to at least 30 points this season, because LaRose had just guaranteed the Canes would reach the playoffs and Williams would have 40 points. I also got a free street hockey stick!!!
  2. They were handing out color coded schedules for the 26 season ticket packages yesterday at the S-A-S. The color coded schedule indicated that the preseason game against Washington on Wednesday September 24th was 'included' in the 26 season ticket package. Although there hasn't been an official announcement, I assume the 9/24 game will be the free preseason game for the 12/26/full season ticket holders.
  3. I wouldn't bring my family to a Sabres game. Depending on budget, you might also want to look at seats in 313, 314, 315, 316.
  4. That was an amazing deal. Just tried to order, but they are sold out.
  5. Lots of $9.99 seats went unsold this evening. It was a great game to attend for the price. I got to throw my hat for Stillman's hat trick!!! Free parking off Trinity Road was closed off again this evening.
  6. UPS tracking now has my tickets scheduled to arrive on Monday the 10th (original email said 11th). Can't Wait!!!
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