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  1. First of all, the Hurricanes are known throughout the conference for diving. It's such an issue that you have had to address it on your own message boards. It's on the front page.. first topic, in fact, as I type this. The Caps have had their fair share of poor, poor officiating this year. We had our only D-man back (actually, it was a one-on-one) skated into by McCreary, leading directly to a goal by the other team. We spent the entire last 6 minutes vs. Boston shorthanded, with not one but TWO 5-on-threes embedded. The game before that, the Caps weren't given a PP until 16 seconds were left. Buffalo had 5 PPs that night. Those last two were just 3 weeks ago. Was the NHL not on Ovechkin's side back then? Last night was actually a pretty well-officiated game. What do you expect to happen when Huet has made a GLOVE save, has the puck in his GLOVE, and you skate by with a poke? You think that nobody is going to touch you? The refs allow the team to protect the goalie. Period. It's not like Ovechkin threw punches, either. He gave a shove in the chest. Whoopity-do. The same thing had happened earlier in the same period when Laich took two whacks at the PUCK, which was LOOSE in front of Ward. But did the Caps freak out when they weren't given a PP after Laich was roughed up? No. And you can't skate into, and fall onto the goalie without expecting for there to be an interference call, especially when you were clearly not pushed. Stop yer whining and give props. The Capitals have been playing really well since December. It was the Caps who knocked Ottawa off of their perch when they were still 1st in the conference... The Caps who beat Carolina in their own building, then came back home and beat them soundly. The Caps have won 9 in a row. I honestly hope that both teams are in the playoffs, but if the Caps do not make the playoffs, it would be a shame. They're definitely one of the best teams in the league. Anyways, go Tampa! LOL
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