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  1. sounds like a job for the edmonton oilers. also...mark parrish is available still, cant command more than $1m. perhaps a decent wing option. may not be a perfect fit, just an idea.
  2. youre only allowed to tailgate if you party hard. cornhole recommended. alcohol restrictions enforced [you must drink]. you must yell at at least two opposing fans, but in good spirit. do not fail to wear significant amounts of hurricanes apparel. divorcing the wife optional [i joke]. enjoy!
  3. rod brind'amour had dinner at brixx pizza at briar creek tonight, about three booths down from me.
  4. i think 3 years, 10.5 mil wouldve been a more ideal contract. either way, its a 3 year deal, and maybe only a few loonies high. im still stoked.
  5. dear everyone, we still have to resign cam ward next summer. that will cost a lot, even with dead salary coming of the books [wallin, walker, etc].
  6. based on JR's history of perfect predictability, here is what i see: -ruutu is resiged; 2, possibly 3 years, 2.8-3 per. -eaves and/or babchuk moved -seidenberg or defensemen of equal financial value [2.5 per] is signed for 2-3 years -kaberle will be bought out, this has to happen now -next summer, with so much cash coming off the books [walker, wallin, cullen, whitney all must be dealt with, and only corvo and ward can legitimately expect raises], carolina makes the big free agent move we havent seen since 1998 [thats you, ron francis]. now if only that 3.6mil that rod earns through 2011 would somehow disappear.
  7. just ask daniel carcillo and max talbot.
  8. i dont know who is going to win this series, but i have a very strong feeling that this game will be decided in game 6. this has 6-game series written all over it.
  9. i need to apologize. i so much as boycotted the team for a while...i went the longest time [mid-season] without going to a game since 2001, when i didn't go to a game from Nov. 26--Feb. 20. I even tried to bet my buddy as much as $50 in mid-late december that we weren't going to make the playoffs [we were still in the 8th/9th range when i offered that bet]. I still ended up betting him $10. Best $10 i ever lost [side story: it was quickly won back by the worst $10 i ever won...i bet him $10 that carolina would win the title, he took the other 3 final four teams].
  10. i just woke up from nap time. is this some kind of a sick twisted joke?
  11. staal must be reading the boards and getting inspired. nice game eh?
  12. too much is being made about the extra prices that go along with attendance. I'm a college student here at NC State, and between getting there early to buy the $10 seats [i know, not an option for non-raleighites], parking at those office buildings on blue ridge...which never fills up by the way...or at the fairground [i think they reopened the fairground], and stuffing my face with your cheap food and beverages BEFORE the game [seriously, can you not go 2 1/2 hours without eating? plus there's water fountains in the building.]...i dont drop more than a few under-my-breath expletives and a crisp alexander hamilton to see my beloved hurricanes. so for those of you that complain that the price of taking your family of 4 is upwards of $200 dollars, i dont believe it. sacrifice those lower-bowl corner sight lines for the upper bowl corners, which are only $35 on game day. on top of that, select your games based on the dozens of game-day offers the canes have to reduce the price of tickets, especially during the holiday season, when theres can food drives and toy drives. being a military serviceman or college student gets you $5 off upper bowl and even more of lower bowl seats every night, not just on designated "college nights". sign up for canes connect, the email newsletter that shoots out hurricanes information every couple of days alerting you to deals. i know the economy sucks right now, and everyone is feeling the squeeze, but finding deals to go to these hurricanes games are a lot better option than other expensive family oriented events. plus, youre kids are the next generation of caniacs, we need them there.
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