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  1. Canes could play Edmonton in the Winter Classic.
  2. Many of the logos are ridiculous. It's hard to believe anyone thinks ours is the worst. The Ducks logo (and name) are wow-less. The Stars logo is bland. The Pens logo is juvenile. And the Wild's landscape logo is hard to see. I do like Lakelivin's rendering of the Hurricane logo better than ours.
  3. Seems like a no nonsense kind of guy. So far, I like him. Just in case anyone wants to see where he's from:
  4. Full STH since Canes moved from Gboro to Raleigh. Center Ice Premier Seats. Winning the Stanley Cup was wonderful. Since then, it's all been downhill. Every year I say "let's give it one more year", and every year we have a loser team. I am really torn about renewing. I could step down to a partial plan but then I have to give up my great seats, so I don't know. I keep hoping that the next season will be "the one." I don't understand why people are bashing Muller for our dismal PP. It's BEEN dismal for YEARS ... under Lavi, Maurice and now Muller. In fact, the TEAM has been pretty lousy under all three coaches. So how can you blame one coach for the lousy performance of the product we put on the ice?!!! Undeniably, we have talent on this team. But that talent is not on display every night, every game. Heck, it's on display so sporadically the fans have no expectation of winning when we enter the arena. This team is NOT physical. It loses scrums along the boards. It's not big. It's supposed to be fast but Edmonton was a lot faster. So WHAT is the problem?!! I have no idea. But this team's continued bottom feeder appearance is draining all the joy out of hockey.
  5. Great. Now we're a "fragile team" again (per this morning's paper). Same old, same old.
  6. I'm getting tired of Gleason ... a couple of big hits and a couple of face washes in the 1st period of the Pittsburgh game ... nothing since.
  7. Like Amber Jaye a lot. Her voice is pleasant ... not screeching like so many voices are when projected in an arena setting. Good personality. Good energy. Like the anthem singer. She sings quickly, in a lower register that is easier to sing along with, doesn't stylize it, and gets it right. Don't care for the intro piece on the jumbotron before every game. Incredibly long and boring. Actually a downer. Certainly doesn't get me pumped up for the game. Have come to like the new sweaters. They actually look pretty good on the ice (although we still look a bit like Detroit from the rear). Just some random thoughts.
  8. Home jerseys ... that's a lot of red. Don't like them. Away jerseys ... not bad. As others have said, I miss the warning flags. I defintely won't be buying any.
  9. Giguere just blasted his team for having thrown in the towel. I say trade Peters for Giguere for the rest of the season. At least our guys are trying. Our new goalie coach is really our old goalie coach (pre and post Barasso).
  10. We fired Maurice. We fired Lavi. We fired Maurice again. Now fire Muller? Is our problem coaching? Product? Both? Something else entirely?
  11. We'll have plenty of fannie's in the seats next season. Unfortunately, they will be Pens, Flyers, Rangers and Devils fans due to realignment.
  12. Appears he's had back problems ... bulging disc. Was in NY in early March to see about surgery (season-ending surgery). Suspect he won't be getting much ice time ... primarily on the PP and PK.
  13. We did get a 10% discount ... off of the increased ticket prices. I'm in Center Ice Premier. This season, FSTH price per ticket is $89.50. Next season, it's $99. My invoice came thro with the 10% discount off of the increased price. Also, my invoice does show the credit at the bottom of the invoice under "less payments/credits." I agree, the increased parking cost is crazy. I don't know what the gate price is this year but $15 seems steep.
  14. Ruby Gibbs, our new anthem singer, can definitely handle our notoriously difficult national anthem. She’s even better at it now that she's sped it up a bit. Unfortunately she sings one line incorrectly - "Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave". The word “banner” is written as two notes - “ba ner”. She, like many others, incorrectly sings it as four notes - “ba a ner er”. This may seem trivial, but it is our national anthem, so it should be sung correctly (particularly if we make the playoffs and she's shown singing it on national TV). If anyone knows her, or how to get in touch with her, I would appreciate your sending this along.
  15. Komisarek's available. Supposedly he's accepted his fate in TO and has listed 12 teams he'd consider for trade.
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