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  1. Alex, What is "Not as uncommon as in past years!" for the win...
  2. acaniac

    No Thirds!

    Never retiring my BLACK!
  3. Guess we could add Gleason to that alumni list now.
  4. Past history shows it will be a guy from the ranks and IF we get to the playoff a rent-a-player... IMHO
  5. Starting to smell like burning bread. Last time is smelled that the season was TOAST!
  6. Is it Sutter or Harrison going being sent to Charlotte? LOL WRAL.COM Story
  7. Best of luck to Stiller! Smart man...
  8. There is a guy coaching the Charlotte Checkers that deserves a chance when the time comes. IMHO...
  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to Donnie and his family. Rest in peace Donnie.
  10. My boys thought it was hilarious.. It was kind of funny
  11. If they run the table I will not drink Guinness for a two months...
  12. STH gifts arrived just now! Driver was soaking wet and said his whole truck was nothing but Hurricanes deliveries.
  13. Good call by the NHL front office. Should have been tossed out in the game IMHO
  14. Made him look very attractive, as a rent a player should we fall into the unmentionable situation.
  15. He took a good hit in Saturdays game. I think it is a R&R day before tomorrows game.
  16. He could see time this year if the bug makes its rounds. He has shown improvement. Next camp he will get a shot at the bigs. Will have to see if he can hang with the NHL guys when given the chance
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