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  1. Yeah, they could definitely move it to the other side of the ice, but they'd have to figure out the staggered plexiglass where the benches are at. I'd like replay railcam much better, but I don't know that the telecasts make enough money to warrant somebody operating it the entire time and only using it sparingly. They certainly need to work out the kinks, though.
  2. The picture quality was bad, it added a large track at the bottom of the screen (above the plexiglass) when the conventional camera was used, and the angle it was showing wasn't much different than the normal (much higher-quality) camera.
  3. I've noticed that, and it is useful, but I'm looking for that little link that shows up beside the posts. I never remember exactly where I am at in any particular thread. For an example, see the blue "down" arrows besides the posts on the Scoreboards: http://www.thescoreboards.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=76
  4. Hmm... Tanabe for Forsberg. Sounds good to me! Of course, Fors would have to take a paycut, but I don't mind.
  5. Whitney is a great player and seems as if he adds some great character to the team, too. Entering into this season, Whitney was still playing hard, even when it looked like the rest of the Canes were a bit sluggish. Now that we're a month into the season, Whitney is still going strong.
  6. I'm also not a Tanabe fan. I say trade him to someone who thinks he's better than he is and get some more strength for our blue line, asap. He seems to have some recent problems sticking with teams (being traded from Phoenix to Boston and now here) -- I'm fairly certain that this trend is not due to solid play.
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