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  1. Jokinen-Staal-Stewart Skinner-Ruutu-Dalpe Boychuk-Sutter-Poni LaRose-Brent-Dwyer Pitkanen-McBain Gleason-TKabs Harrison-Allen Joslin Ward-Boucher Dalpe wins Calder and Staal has his best offensive year since we won the Cup.
  2. That's tough to do with at least one of State/UNC/Duke all usually playing a home game each Saturday through November.
  3. I like what JR has done. We've added some penalty kill/face off help with Brent, size with Stewart/Poni, backup goaltending help, PP help with Kaberle, and scoring touch throughout the lineup. I still feel like we make some kind of final move. Dalpe's likely slotted into the 2nd line for next year, but Boychuk has nothing left to prove in the AHL I'd like to see what he can do at the NHL level with the 'Canes or trade him while his value is still high.
  4. I really like the move. I don't see how you can look at his time in Boston and let that outweigh his time in Toronto. Our PP just instantly got better, hopefully with young guys like McBain and Joslin, and the addition of Dave Lewis to the staff we'll see the defensive side of the d-men's games improve. I was a big Corvo fan, but if he was upset about Cole leaving then so be it. There's more guys on the team other than Cole that he's been team mates with for the past few seasons, I don't see why Cole would make that big of a difference to him. Wish we'd gotten more than a 4th for him though.
  5. I think it's only a matter of time before Boychuk is traded. Either a 3rd/2nd line center (depends on where they view Sutter) who can stabilize the lines a little bit and win some FO's, or for a top 6 winger like Hemksy. If we get a winger then it's something like Boychuk+Tlusty+pick going the other way. I like the Stewart signing though, gives us a bit more size, and allows us to put him and Poni infront of the net on PP's. Ponikarovsky-Staal-Skinner Ruutu-Sutter/Trade-Jokinen Dalpe-Sutter/Trade-Stewart LaRose-Brent-Dwyer If there is a trade I'm not sure where Tlusty fits in all this.
  6. Yeah I get that which is why I'm hoping to see PK pick up an additional partner for the 'Canes ASAP. With the cap going up we need to start spending more to field a Cup potential team, and a playoff team year in and year out. We have a ton to offer other than an owner that is willing to spend some cash. The issue I have with Cole's comments is that yeah MTL may make the playoffs more than the 'Canes, but I don't think too many people see them as a 'Cup contender' either.
  7. We do need to start out the year well. Other than losing Wilson and Irving I don't see us losing much from last year (I know we lost Davis/Spencer/Williams from the WR's, but I really like the young guys we have there). Having a ridiculously easy non-conference schedule works out well with Glennon as it allows him to get acclimated to the starting job early on. Hopefully we are 7-0 heading into the game against FSU. Our schedule sets up nicely for us with Clemson, UNC and MD at home at the end of the year - we just need to capitalize.
  8. I think Sutter's biggest problem last year was that he had Tlusty and LaRose on his wings. Hopefully whether he's on the 2nd or 3rd line this year he'll have better linemates than that. I think Sutter can definitely score 20-30 goals, but the issue is the FO's. We need someone who can play on the PP, and on a scoring line, that can win some FO's and give us an opportunity to control the puck from the get go in the offensive zone. That's why I'm hoping we see a center traded for more than a winger.
  9. I think that right now the lines could end up something like: Ponikarovsky-Staal-Boychuk/Dalpe (Boychuk may fit here as the top line needs some kind of playmaker) Skinner-Ruutu-Jokinen Dalpe/Boychuk-Sutter-LaRose (I'm hoping we don't see Tlusty & LaRose on Sutter's wings again - he needs someone who can score there and Dalpe or Boychuk fit the bill) Tlusty-Brent-Dwyer Pitkanen-Allen Gleason-Corvo McBain-Joslin Harrison (I like Harrison, but I feel like Joslin has a big year for us as he was really solid in the last half of last year) Ward Boucher I feel like we'll see a trade for a winger or a 2nd line center. Obviously either one would help, but I don't think we'll see a first line winger for Staal (at least a FA 1st line winger for Staal as hopefully Dalpe or Boychuk can turn out to develop into one) until next year when the FA pool is better and when PK spends more money in the offseason. I think at least for next year, with the good wingers we have in Charlotte, it may help us more and balance out the lines to try to find a 2nd line center, or a 3rd line center and bump Sutter up to 2nd line.
  10. I like the Brent signing. Young 4th line center who won over 50% of his FO's last year and kills penalties. Not overly expensive either.
  11. Awesome deal. I want to see what type of money we have to give out to any potential FA's with Joslin, Sutter, Bodie/enforcer, 4th line center and back up goalie still to resign.
  12. RIP Lo. State has announced that there will be patches on the jersey's next year to honor Charles and the Wolfpack Club will open a scholarship in his name. Great man, great Wolfpacker.
  13. I'd love it if Jussi were signed back. I still would've liked to keep LaRose's 1.5-1.7 million to be able to use that to help upgrade the defense somehow or the top 6.
  14. Too much money for LaRose. Keep him on the 3rd/4th line and let him kill penalties. I hope we can actually get a 2nd line center, and a real 3rd line winger so Sutter isn't stuck with wingers like LaRose and Tlusty again for the majority of the season. Unless JR really does some work to improve this team I'm pretty upset about this signing.
  15. http://hurricanesbeat.com/profiles/blogs/latest-news I really like both guys, and really wanted Jokinen back the most, but hopefully we address other needs. With a little over $50 million to spend I hope we really are active in bringing in guys to improve the team. I'm fine with a 4th line of Dwyer, Bodie and someone like Bowman or Samson. I don't want to waste $1 million on a guy like Tlusty either. Right now we have Staal, Skinner, Ruutu, Dalpe, Boychuk, Sutter as near definite players in our top 9. We need a 2nd line center who can win FO's and a winger who can put up numbers close to what Jussi and Cole put up last year. I would also still like to see JR shake up the defense by trading someone. I think McBain can improve, and that Joslin can be really good for us with Harrison as a solid 7th d-man, but I really want to see a real solid stay at home d-man on the top pairing with Pitkanen.
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