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  1. This times a million and one. Obviously, I may come off ridiculously biased if you take a look at my screen name, but I completely, 110% agree with you. As just about everyone who has been in the presence of Tuomo Ruutu knows, he's not a malicious guy of any type (except Colin White). It just makes me so mad that Richards gets away un-freaking-scathed and Ruutu gets the title of the NHL's New Bad Boy slapped onto him just because he's known for being physical. I mean, what does the guy have to do? Be the captain of a team and score tons of points just to get away like Richards did? I'm not saying that Tuomo's hit was right on any levels, because it wasn't, but I don't want him being grouped with goons like his brother! Please, no!
  2. I did it with 3:30 left and remembered the Oilers. Fun to do when you're procrastinating and TRYING not to do homework.
  3. I got them all except the Oilers. I felt so stupid afterward.
  4. Meet Finn, everyone! He came to live with me today and he's on a week long trial to see if he's the right horse for me. Nothing is certain yet - so he's not QUITE mine, but for all you people who put thought into giving me good suggestions, I thought you'd all like to see the horse behind the name.
  6. This is awful to hear. Poor Theo! No one should ever have to go through that. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  7. Although not many admit it, I do agree! I guess we'll have to see about the name. Stormy seems cute, but it might fit a little pony better... or maybe I just see a goofy Ice Hog every time I hear the name. I was thinking about going with Cane or Ronnie. I'd call him Ruu in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a dog that has that name.
  8. I already have a dog devoted to my love for Ruutu. xD His name is Rudy.
  9. Because I don't like being so off topic, I'm going to start a thread where people can give me their name ideas.
  10. YKYACW Tuomo Ruutu is your phone wallpaper even during the summer! When you know you have to get your passport renewed just so you can go to Canada for a roadtrip during the hockey season. When your dad decides to finally buy you a horse and you refuse to call the animal by its original name, but rather thinking of Canes-related names to call it. (Hey! I need help! Nameless horses aren't fun. Any clever ones?) And finally, when you look at the clock and its 6:42 PM and you say, "Haha. It's Tim Gleason Time." Or 12:36 - "Staal-Jussi Time." 12:59 - "Staal-Rosey Time." I think you guys have the hang of it now.
  11. Lol. I guess its just the circumstances that the assist was under. Not that winning Game 2 in OT was not huge.
  12. Man, you got my hopes up. I thought JJ stood for Jussi Jokinen. I'm not really caring too much about Banana Pancakes. I'm just saying... no Timmy, no SAVE AT THE BLUE-LINE FROM HIS KNEEEEEEEES! THEN TO PITKANEN, ACROSS TO JOKINEN- AND HE SCORRRRRRRRRRRRES! I'd give up the ego that Jack Johnson seems to have for the memory of Gleason saving our season at the blue-line on April 28th, 2009. Just sayin'.
  13. Honestly, I feel there's more of an upside to keeping Ruutu rather than Cole, but JR is too much of a Cole fan. Cole has one move and that's skating really fast up the wing and cutting to the goal. After a while, d-men catch on... I'd like to know why you and others believe Ruutu should be the odd man out in this situation after all the effort he's given us this season.
  14. As for those who think that Ruutu will be the one being traded for a Top-4 Dman, I don't see the reasoning behind this. :\ I mean, I understand that I'm pretty biased here and everyone knows that Ruutu is my favorite player, but I just don't see that being a SMART move by JR. And JR knows that it would be stupid. And you all know that it would be stupid.
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