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  1. We suck so far this season? We are 1-1-1, same record as the Hurricanes. And we outplayed Ottawa in both of the first two games, maybe you should have watched.
  2. Were you actually watching the games? We dominated you guys...
  3. The Leafs owned the Habs all season long. Check who accommodated more points and the series record. And didn't we eliminate you guys in Game #82?
  4. St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Toronto all have the exact same goal horn yet TB and TOR are ranked 18 and 20 respectively while St. Louis is in top 10. Ok...
  5. HAHA that was dive was on Saturday against the Leafs and my brother and I laughed when we saw that one. He was like nudged with a glove and went down like a complete idiot.
  6. O'Neill is the worst 20-goal scorer in the NHL. He's been pretty useless recently and the last few games the Leafs have been playing very well without him.
  7. I saw that on Center Ice too. Ridicoulous, Blues would have been a goal or two had it not been for him.
  8. God I love Tucker. I swear you guys would LOVE him if he was on your team. He's awesome.
  9. If Hoyle is jealous, than how come Leafs fans are the ones booing him? Exactly. I was the person who posted this video (Leafs fan) and he has been getting booed at the ACC the last few Toronto games...
  10. John Ferguson JR (GM of the Leafs) has said Kaberle is on the IR for now and is recovering from a concussion, neck & back spasms. He will be out ATLEAST two weeks according to other sources.
  11. He's not only our only player that could play D, he is the Leafs BEST player on the entire team. Arguably the top defenseman in the East as well. If he's out for the season, that's it for the Leafs season.
  12. Janssen has been suspended 3 games. -sportsnet.ca BUT that still does not help the Leafs who have lost one of the best defenseman in the NHL and their top player.
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