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  1. If $9 is cheap then I'll be on the lookout for you so you can dish me the chump change to purchase a beer. I hope the aquafina you drink is about $7 a bottle.
  2. I dont think the organization gets any revenue from concessions, I thought it all went to Gale Force/Centennial Authority for maintenance and upgrades to the arena. So they collect concessions for 11 years and besides normal upkeep, have added a new scoreboard, seamless glass, sound system and the LED board around the lower ring and now since they spent some of the bags of money they have compounded, they raise concession prices. $9 for a beer, I think thats probably 2nd highest in the league behind Toronto, I'd rather sit in a dump of an arena with a $6 beer than one with a new scoreboard and $9 beers. They need to open up their books.
  3. I think its more positioning at this point. Teams are running out of time to fill what they may see as weak links on their team, desperation is setting in. JR has a former 1st rounder who is young and put up good numbers last year. If it was me, I wouldnt take a bag of pucks aka a player who is far from a guaranteed NHLer. The worst thing that could happen is Babchuk is forced to go back to Russia in which case he cant score any goals against the Canes, I wonder if this has influenced JR's thought process.
  4. He's probably asked for a prospect whom the team didnt want to part with and they offered someone less intriguing. So he goes to the media and says there is more than one team interested, whether there is or not, no one knows. He holds all the cards.
  5. Theres still some legit defensive FA's who have yet to find new homes this summer. These players will likely need to be signed before a team is desperate enough to give something up for the rights to negotiate with a player with an over-inflated self worth . I think Babchuks salary demands, whatever they may be, could be a bigger factor than what some perceive as JR bashing him in the media.
  6. I didnt hear anything from JR until it was apparent that Babchuk was not going to accept the offer. Strike 3, youre not playing on my team anymore.
  7. Not sure why I even bother but.........can I get a source for where youve read these comments from JR "since day 1". P.S. the QO, if accepted, would have put Babchuk on the team, so JR offered him a spot.
  8. Are you the mailman I've been hearing about who has a perfect delivery percentage? Can I have your autograph?
  9. Imagine that. I need to find out where some of the people on here work so I can stand outside the front door everyday and bother them, I'm sure they will be very receptive to it. And yes I realize part of the players job is fan interaction.
  10. Oh and frog, you forgot that Cole wasnt with the team the whole year when figuring your '10 goals from missing the PO's'.
  11. how so? They re-signed all of there top 9 FA's, added some legit checking line guys, a top 4 D-man and a 3rd pairing D-man. What am I missing? One of the main concerns in the playoffs last year was the physical play that seemed to wear the team down and ultimately the fact that they couldnt run 4 lines against a deep Pens team. IMO those problems have been resolved with off-season acquisitions and to top it off we have a proven top 4 defensive D-man. The depth this team has helps to ease my mind with regards to any lack of scoring ability. If your point was that they lost 16 goals, I'm pretty sure the 4 new comers can surpass that total.
  12. As much as the down economy hurts, its given JR a chance to get some established players to fill depth positions at a price that in past years would have been out of his range. Its nice not to have players who are big question marks filling out the lineup, ie hamilton, melichar...
  13. Talk to me when the Braves have $60 Million worth of players on the DL.
  14. The mezzanine seats that were available had the concrete barrier behind them which limited your leg room. They were also only in the corners on the end where the visitors shoot twice. Not worth the extra money in my opinion. I was told the fans occupying the center ice mezzanine seats would have to die in order for their seats to become available. I have been checking the obituaries, no luck yet.
  15. I think JR has provided the answer to why this team was drained going into the Pitt series. They were an undersized team whose first two series were gainst teams that played a physical brand of hockey. By the time they got to the ECFs, they were battered but not yet beaten and the Pens skated circles around them. If anything, they were unprepared mentally because they had not played a team in the playoffs that relied on pure speed and skill after coming off of two physically grueling series. Mo was forced to start running 3 lines to try and keep pace while Pitt was running 4. Now this team has beefed up its D and checking line so the physical play isnt the burden of only a handful of players which eventually catches up to teams in the playoffs, especially when relying on first and second line guys (Ruutu, Cole) to be the physical presence.
  16. its like defending against Samsonov, youre better off standing in one spot and letting him skate in circles, most of the time he ends up missing the net anyway.
  17. Great deal by JR, the defense can now carry this team in my opinion. I will admit at the end of last month my expectations for this team were not great for the upcoming season looking through the roster. With the moves made in the past 3 weeks this team is one of the best on paper. All of the components, minus maybe offensive firepower, are in place and the depth upfront should provide enough scoring with the improved D. Oh yeah and JR has done all this managing to stay within the self imposed cap with a buyout of Kaberle, unbelievable job by JR.
  18. I dont think anyone did and I dont remember saying that anyone said he wasnt. Youre getting pretty defensive, you may need to lay off the boxscore, junkie.
  19. gotcha, but what does an improvement in Staals play have to do with an improvement in Ruutus defensive play?
  20. I'm watching the game 4 replay against the Devils, late in the 3rd NJ is controlling play, a couple good scoring chances. Ruutu comes bumrushing down the boards and buries Colin White in the Devils zone. The momentum immediately shifted to the Canes who eventually score with .02 seconds remaining. Ruutu didnt show up on the score sheet on the winning goal but people who know hockey recognize the impact of his play one minute prior.
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