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  1. Put him on waivers. Send him down. Watch as he runs to KHL.
  2. To heck with Babchuk... keep developing the kids in Albany and bring them up instead.
  3. My opinion is Rutherford should be a busy man at the trade deadline... perhaps one of the busiest. Sell, sell, sell... I would offer up all of the following in the hopes of boosting our drafts for the coming years: Whitney, Cole, Cullen for the forwards and I would offer either Corvo or Pitkanen, whichever can bring back the greater return. Brind'amour needs to be forced out. I doubt anyone would want him at the trade deadline, so do what it takes to make sure this is his last year. Send Yelle to Albany and any of the other summer signings. Call up Boychuk, Bowman, Rodney, McBain. I was hoping they could get more seasoning in Albany but if the Canes are gonna stink this bad, might as well accelerate the process a bit. Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild. With each passing day, last spring seems more and more like a total fluke! It's time to start over.
  4. Very accurate assessment. I agree fully. The key to a Canes victory in this series has got to be secondary scoring. If players other than the usual suspects (Jokinen, Staal, Whitney, LaRose) don't start scoring, this will be an extremely short series. Looking forward to the game being on Versus tomorrow night... I despise listening to the dorky Bruins announcers! :angry:
  5. Oh, I know it jumped on him. But it's just a great representation of his career as a whole. He was a first round draft pick of Atlanta (if I recall) and never amounted to anything but disappointment.
  6. And that's exactly why Patrick Stefan has never amounted to *edit* in the NHL.
  7. Pressbox seats were getting cold.
  8. And also notice that Staal's breakthrough year was after the lockout, which coincidentally for him, was spent in the AHL, developing.
  9. There are few teams in this league where Avery would be a match. Brett Hull found that out the hard way bringing him to Dallas this summer when clearly there were already guys in the dressing room that despised him. Carolina would not be a good fit. Actually, The Rangers and Avery were made for each other. When the Garden Faithful started chanting "Sloppy Seconds" when Calgary was in town, you could just tell. And their record last year with him in the lineup was simply amazing... I was surprised they didn't resign him. My son practices at the same rink as the Wolfpack where he's been doing his conditioning stint. Avery walked past us a couple of weeks ago and onto the ice. He seemed like an outcast, didn't socialize with any other Wolfpack players, and generally just kept to himself on the ice. I'm sure the Ranger crowds will be happy to see him again.
  10. This should not come as a great surprise to anyone, really. JR is known for recycling players formerly in the Canes system. Personally, I was thinking we would just resign him in the summer but am not surprised by this as this gets rid of Williams's salary in the process.
  11. It's true... my local paper here in Connecticut got bought out by a bigger paper which, itself, just filed for bankruptcy last week. Tough times.
  12. I would agree with this... if Cole were to return, it would be as a free agent in the summer.
  13. Here's an interesting little stat... the Canes are 18-5-5 with Conboy in the lineup over the last two years. Sounds like a positive influence. And since Conboy is on a one-way contract next season, keep playing him.
  14. I hope they leave Sutter down there for awhile. Getting 20+ minutes per night down there will do more for his development than 4 or 5 minutes a night in the NHL.
  15. Too funny unfortunately, too true :angry:
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