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  1. Two years ago I was on the beach at Litchfield, SC blowing off fireworks. It was really a sight! No such luck this year. Have a great day!
  2. I lived in England for a few years watched quite a bit the footy (soccer). I won't say hate but a lot of Italian, Brazilian, and Argentinian players made me crazy. Too much of a tendency for drama...the diving and rolling around on the ground screaming in agony then miraculously getting up playing on kind. I really made an effort, even watching the odd Football Italia game. The final nail in the coffin was the Italian league match fixing scandal.
  3. How could I forget Derian the Hatchet Man? I have been so blinded by Pronger lately...
  4. I agree and am glad to hear it. It is definitley getting press here and in England. Between this and the Paris Hilton jail saga I almost don't want to watch or read the news at all these days.
  5. Hate is a strong word. I'll say I have a real dislike for: 1. Devils - I reeeaaaalllllly dislike trap hockey 2. Canucks & Oilers - Division and geographical rivals of my hometown Flames - now that Pronger is gone if MacTavish would lessen his squawking on the bench I may even like the Oil better than the Canucks 3. Red Wings - Although there a a few guys I have a lot of respect for, my ire for Bertuzzi, Chelios, and Hasek goes a long way to the Wings making this list. 4. Sabres - I am a Canes fan after all
  6. Speaking as a Canadian I do not hate teams in the deep south per se. I would have to say I dislike proven non hockey markets. Then again there are some cities who seemingly should be hockey towns and can't sell out even play off games, so who the heck knows. As for where a new team would go...I would like to see Winnipeg. It has a hockey history and I think the 'Peg is ready for a new team. Not sure about Regina...the whole province has less than 1 million people but they are the absolute most rabid and loyal CFL fans.
  7. Bertuzzi - Obvious reasons plus a few more that I should not expand on here Pronger - Hot headed cheap shot artist - made worse by the fact he has some serious talent but resorts to that kind of stuff anyway Hasek - Diving prima donna (and beaking off about not wanting to raise his kids in North America then coming out of retirement for the right money) Avery - Just because Reed Low - Sent down to juniors a few years ago. Perhaps partly for his inclination to punch the backs of necks Chelios - The handshake snub and he's not called Cheap Shot Chelios for nothing Special mention: Claude Lemieux - if there were a dirty player hall of fame he would be near the top
  8. Add plus #4 to your list, FTS: Watching future HHOFer Teemu Selanne -- a great guy off the ice, too -- hoist the Cup. He's far and away the most beloved Duck in franchise history, and it was nearly impossible not to feel for him while he wept with joy. Jan/GSBG Absolutely on the list! Number 1 in fact. The Finns can sometimes have that reputation of being loved by the home town fans but REALLY annoying to opposing fans. Ex: Tikkanen, Nieminen. But Selanne is one of those true all stars..well liked and respected by many... IMO.
  9. The pluses for me: 1. Selanne hoisting the cup - his interview was great - almost worth also having to see Pronger with it 2. O'Donnell giving props to his hometown fans in Kanata/ Ottawa - all class 3. Carol Neidermayer being the proud Mum of two Stanley Cup Champions - a great pay off for the years of early morning trips to the rink The Negatives: 1. Pronger wining a cup 2. Pronger's name on the cup 3. Pronger rewarded for his consistent low brow behavior It is not often I am so cold hearted to not be gald to see someone realize a life long dream but this is certainly one of the exceptions. I was cheering for the Sens but obviously the better team won. Congrats to the Ducks.
  10. That is so very sad and I am truly sorry. I know you don't know me but I have dealt with death by Cancer, unfortunately a little too much. If you need to chat or are looking for advice please feel free to pm.
  11. Typical Pronger move. Why does a seemingly talented player insist on pulling this stuff? It is not like it was a one off with him either. Must be a major character flaw. I guess even classless worms can have talent.
  12. Missox

    Coke vs. Pepsi

    No contest...Coke!
  13. When your team is out, I guess everyone has a reason why they pick the Ducks over Sens or vice versa. For me, geographic location and division do not enter the equation. Nor does the country the team is based in OR which of those countries has won how many cups and when. As a fan of hockey I plan to watch the final round. Looking strictly and only at the two teams as two groups of guys who play hockey, I like the Sens better. So....GO SENS!
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