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  1. : peeks back in : Great write up .Suckapunchd! And I'd put in Foegele over PDG. And I just hope Darling's last season was just a blip in a decent career.
  2. I think I had some of that the last tailgate last year.
  3. I say JWillie as Captain now, Skinner in 2 years. I think Slavin might be next.
  4. I like your ideas, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  5. No. If I remember, Glen just retired, and Rod was bought out, then announced retirement. But they ended their careers as Canes, unlike Cole.
  6. "We hope you like your tickets"
  7. Got mine at 2. One of my friends said her ticket rep said it would be there by 8:00p.m.
  8. Calling tomorrow. But I'm one of 4 or 5 friends who haven't gotten them yet. So much for loyalty. I agree. Depending on how Hanafin acted in the negotiations, maybe I would do him + a 2nd and maybe a lower prospect.
  9. I'm still waiting. : paces nervously :
  10. The Avs have been a dumpster fire the last couple of years.
  11. Only problem with that is if we traded that much for him, and he then went somewhere else on July 1st. Now if we had permission to sound him out on an extension before we traded, it might be worth it.....
  12. It should be a National Holiday.
  13. I could see Columbus sliding. I don't see Washington sliding that much. Unless they lose Holtby, and Ovi get creamed in the Olympics. Rangers are definitely questionable, as are the Isles. If we can avoid the usual O-for October ,we have a chance.
  14. OK. So that is an extreme exaggeration of hype vs. performance. I apologize to Elias.
  15. If he picks up where he left off from last season, then we can say being rushed into the League at 18, combined with the Prospect Camp shoulder injury delayed his development. otherwise he might be Boychuk 2.0.
  16. It's good to be the king. Or at least the navigator. Skinner can definitely earn that, and Aho isn't chopped liver. As long as we continue drafting well, we can survive the inevitable Chicago style cap sellout.
  17. Well, usually we're a hot topic in the Quebec media. This is a refreshing change(although I would have like to be under the radar till we racked up a few dozen wins at the start of next season)
  18. Still, I welcome some realistic irrational exuberance for a change.
  19. 80%, especially if he promises to keep the team in Raleigh.
  20. Thanks for sharing that. I kno it is a process, even if everything is lined up right. HEY! HEY1 HO! HO1 dON GOT TO GO! I'd still follow. But I also have a Scott Walker Nashville jersey, just in case.
  21. If GMRF filed a restraining order so Marcoux can't come within 300 yards of Scott and Cam, we're good.
  22. Well just the Williams signing made some buzz at the Rookie scrimmage. We did something, without doing something stupid. We might actually do something early for once.
  23. But then we only need a small miracle, rather than a huge one to get in.
  24. Things I like about the new home jersey: Warning flags back the black accents make it distinct from other teams' red jerseys. Things I don't like: Laces are small ,and look weird being below the collar crest(but it's the same for all jerseys with laces) I would have preferred smaller black sleeve ends(but it does look good if you wear gloves)
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