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  1. Leighton played really well in our last game. I think he needs to work on rebounds and his movement. Cam on the other hand, needs work in general. Im not sure who is going to be starting next game..
  2. I say that Pitkanen, Seidenberg and Wallin have stepped it up majorly in these first few games. of course the rest of them havent done bad, but are doing what they are supposed to. they are providing the offensive support we need, and they need to keep it up! The points on the powerplay can use a little work, but we are getting there. I think that Dennis Seidenberg is the most improved so far, keep it up Denny!
  3. i am so glad that he is excited to move to ohio! makes me feel a little better. haha.
  4. aww katy its okay, now you know how i feel! mine isnt even in the eastern conference anymore.
  5. oh wow i didnt even see someone had something like that. my bad man. i will think of another one later. haha
  6. Carolina Hurricanes: Our Time Is Now. ..it's not funny, but it's pretty good.
  7. YAYY MIKE! congrats to him for that. now i can say..go columbus!
  8. oh my gosh, those are so amazing! keep up the good work!
  9. here are a couple i found online: HOPE THESE WORK!!
  10. ahh i love these lauren, they are amazing.
  11. ahh i just saw him on Dancing with the Stars also, Katy. haha i believe that whatever Bret decides to do is best.
  12. I am going for the Sens in the East and the Avs/Stars in the West
  13. if the canes dont get into the playoffs, then i am going for the senators.
  14. hahaha oh man that made my day. anyway..yes i agree with everyone saying that players get special treatment, and get more than they actually deserve.
  15. aww i hope patricks sergery goes well. and that all our injured players come back soon.. that includes Ray, Chad, Justin, and Matty.
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