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  1. I think the new 3rd's are nice. The alternate logo infront looks good and black as main colour of the jersey is a great choice. That's a pitty they play only a few games in those jerseys.
  2. Good for Avalanche, Good for the fans, Good for the league, Good for hockey
  3. I agree there. I also think Ducks horn is so depressing to the goalie that just let the puck into the net. I think 'Canes horn is fair, it's the Hurricane warning sound, and it sounds great in the RBC Center when Carolina scores. My favourite is probably Buffalo/Nashville/Washington one (Well, I know those ones aren't exactly the same but they sure sound similiar!), along with Wild and Calgary (former Flyers horn!). Yep, those horns are almost the same with some little differences. LA has got a new one from previous season, and I don't know why Boston changed their horn, for something like that...
  4. "The hurricane time has come again."
  5. I can't decide between Kaberle and Seidenberg, I just voted for the second one.
  6. Hm, maybe just delete posts are not about today's game, those probably belong to the Trash or Off-Topic boards Thanks.
  7. Okay, but why do they asked me about it, I'm not Johnny Grahame - sorry
  8. I don't know what are you talking about, I dunno any guy called "Crackers", sorry, that's not me.
  9. That's right too. I am not against starting Leighton tonight (I asked why no starting him, because I think there are some things to show nu that goalie (I mean, how good is he for a Ward's backup (what if Ward unfortunately will get an injury? Leighton must replace him then, in games against all rivals, not only the weakest), so it will be probably kinda big test if Canes will start him in goal), but I'm not a very big supproter of starting him too, because I can't say that he will be in his best tonight, noone can say it anyway.... I just said what I thought. Take it easy ...
  10. I have a feeling Leighton will be changed after about half of 2nd period
  11. Why no starting Leighton ? Coach should see how good is he, and is he good for Ward backup right now (because the only number 1 goalie for Carolina is Ward).
  12. I agree! They could sing the US national anthem! "O, Canada!" was beautiful.
  13. I watched some of Coyotes games this season, and this guy is genius! No doubt.
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