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  1. I feel like I am having Deja VU. I have heard Karmanos say this before and then I woke up one morning and my Team was in Carolina!
  2. This is by far one of the most exciting drafts in a while, and to be a canes fan. OBxer I agree its either a blockbuster or something very small. I hope by the time I crack open my second Molson tonight watching the draft we are at least free of Semin. If Staal goes I switch to Champagne. I feel like a little kid on Christmas! Too much anticipation.
  3. Does anyone else feel it is a little to quiet right now? I feel like (Pun intended) this is the calm before the storm. Francis is brewing something. I just have a feeling.
  4. Rem, spot on as always. Thats the kind of stuff I was looking for. All in all this year and 2016 will be an exciting time to be a Canes fan. I hope RF has more tricks up the sleeve.
  5. @Super Dave, I would say it would be rather large, thats why I said it would send a message that we are serious about our future etc. Also why I speculated and asked opinions and thoughts. It is an interesting concept but two first round picks does yeild some wiggle room. Bottom line is we need one of those guys.
  6. Just want to start by saying @ Colliefan I hope you feel better and happy to hear you are ok. I have been away for a little while and so much has gone on,man. I will just throw it out there that I am very much in the camp of get Connor Mcdavid however we can. With two possible (and likely) first round picks do we use them to trade up with if we do not win the lottery? Do we stand pat and draft lower still quality guys? I think Mcdavid and or Eichel would be awesome here and would be a true sign that we are thinking about our future and not just trying to plug holes in a sinking boat. We have other assets to trade and play around with so I think we need to be all in on the Mcdavid sweepstakes, this would also send a message to the league, the team and all the players saying: hey things are different around here we are commited to winning and want to create a winning culture. I have not been this excited for anything Hurricanes related for years. Ronnie so far is slaying it as GM. We have a GM who now trades assets we are at risk of losing instead of letting walk to UFA, thats a win any day! The return for Sekera was ideal. Very happy with the direction of the Canes at the moment.
  7. Just read that M. Staal is close to a 6-year 5.7mil/year contract with the Rangers. Hopefully we can put to rest a Staal family reunion and all exhale. Lets hope they get this deal done. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=748944
  8. Did anyone else see that Skinner is listed in the opening day lineups? http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=733548 This was posted yesterday morning. That can't be right. Maybe the injury is not as bad as originally thought? Either way he is not listed as being hurt. Weird.
  9. Last time he just up and moved the team from Hartford so I would not put anything past him.
  10. I hope Skinner is ok. Not sure how many more headshots the kid can take before he ends up like Marc Savard or Eric Lindros. We need to start defending our guys when stuff like this happens. Someone should have at very least gotten in Niskanen's face and acted like he wanted to rumble bare minimum. Teams know when they play us they can push us around and we do nothing about it. I honestly cant remember a time when we had all of our keys guys going at once. Two key pieces down in the Preseason?! Thats insane. Can we please get real for once. I get the point of preseason and win/lose it does not matter but when we look like a bunch of rusty out of touch players what does that say. By end of preseason that rust is supposed to start coming off not getting worse. This team has had the same problems for years and does nothing about them. The team since it started revolving full time around Eric Staal has gone to crap. That is a fact. We keep trying to put pieces around him and build the team around him but it does not work. It just doesnt. Look at guys like Malkin, put any guy on a line with him and he makes them look like a rockstar, yet our leader bitched and moaned about getting a better guy to play with him and thats why he was being held back. Just stop it. We need to redfine what the word "untouchable" means on this team. I honestly think there no way we would get a player of top caliber back for Staal. We would have to get a roster guy a rook and some picks. For instance Staal for Zetterberg would never happen ( Zetterberg makes less money btw) but Zetterberg for Staal would happen, maybe we might need to add a piece or two. What does that say? We have tried everything, new players, goalies, tried to add depth and grit and no matter what we do it does not work. We have had like 10 coaches etc. To me personally that means that there is something else wrong and after seeing this team over the years I believe its Eric Staal. Lets just start the rebuild and stop trying to build a team around an over rated pouting, bad penalty taking, under achiever and lets look to the future. Did Brindy pout ever? Did Francis? No they hustled gave 110% and did what they had to the way all leaders should. I was on the fense but its official: blow it up! Just stop wasting fans time and money. And thats all I have to say about that...Jenn-ay.
  11. I stand corrected as I misread the article I was looking at as far as the goalies were concerned. Thats my bad, still think we should buy out Ward and pick up a piece to replace J. Just my opinion. He is past his glory days. Also my opinion. Yeah I mentioned this, you are the same fella who polices this thread and gives people a hard time about their paraprah spacing and other various non issues. Sorry If I took what you were saying the wrong way. A
  12. Oh boy not you again. I suggest you check your box scores. I will say that out of six goals it looks like Khudobin let in one thats on me. Still a really bad GAA for only playing 30min half games though isnt it? So actually at that rate he has let in 5 goals in one game (60 min). Even worse. Thanks for helping me work that out and realize how much worse he is doing than I thought.
  13. Well I see we are off to our usual start. Key Piece injured, 0-2 and Ward has let in 6 goals in 2 games. Sounds about normal except this year we didnt wait for the regular season we started early. I have faith that Ronnie will steer this ship in the right direction and fix the issues and patch the holes. Preseason is a way to work the kinks out. Hope we can catch some good luck for once.
  14. We Just Inked Malone for 2 years.
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