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  1. Who would take a sub.900 goalie right now

  2. I agree and what is their one constant. GM. Their GM needs to go also. Love JR as a man and a person but we need some new thought processes. Worked recently with Montreal, Toronto, Colorado, etc. I know it does not always work but man we need to try something. We also need to look at our scouts as when was the last person drafted later than the 2nd round do anything for us? I believe the last one was Erik Cole and how long ago was that? JUST really frustrated with all this right now. Makes me not even want to go to games and I am a season ticket holder since 2002.
  3. This team and the last 5 that have not made the playoffs were put together by the GM. I think it is time to shake it up and let JR go. And do not promote Ronnie. Bring in someone who is from outside of the organization and start all over.
  4. We played our best game of the year when we beat Washington on the road 4 to 0. THEN we have scored 6 goals in 5 games? I do not get it either. I think that we are really weak defensively and now that Faulk and Corvo are out it we just cannot seem to get it out of our zone. Say what you want about Corvo but he could skate the puck out of our zone and get it up the ice. Now we just cannot get it up the ice. Who would we trade and for whom? Maybe time for new GM. Playoffs 3 times in 10 years just does not cut it.
  5. Another thing from an earlier rant. Ever since Tlusty has been back we have gone 6-8-4. What does the coach see in him? Put Patrick Dwyer back up with Sutter and put Tlusty on the 4th line. So what if the 4th line does not have a true center anymore. Mo only plays them 4 minutes a night anyway.
  6. The power play is horrendous because we never skate it into the zone. We depend on the dump and chase to get puck possession and it seems like 90% of the time we do not get possession and it is just shot right back down the ice. I just hate the dump and chase mentality and it just is not working with this team. You need speed to get the puck and some bangers to do this but all of our speed is in Charlotte. If we are going to rebuild then rebuild and to me that would include a new coach. Any new coach. Anyone!!!! I drive from New Bern to the games. 2.5 hours one way and I am having serious doubts about driving up there anymore to watch this. I can stay at home and watch on TV and not be so frustrated. Last night was almost more than I could take!!!!
  7. The question is if the Canes will make the playoffs. Mo is part of the team. He is one of the Canes not as a player but as the guiding force of the Canes. I am not a troll. I am a season ticket holder. Why would we settle for this as a franchise? (Maurice has earned a career NHL coaching record of 412-413-152 in 13 seasons with the Carolina franchise and the Toronto Maple Leafs) He is a .500 coach and that is where we are. Colorado was supposed to be in a rebuilding mode last year and look what some new young blood has done there with a new coach. It can be done but probably not with Maurice as the guiding force. I hope he proves me wrong.
  8. Not as long as Paul Maurice is the coach. MO MUST GO!!!!!!!!!
  9. woos

    Bryan Rodney

    I wanted to know what any of you thought of his defensive play. I isolated on him and watched him alot last game and liked his defense. That is why when I heard MO say that on the post game that he had some defensive lapses that I was suprised. I thought he had a really solid game. Did anyone else see any defensive lapses? He certainly does not fall down like Andrew Alberts does all of the time. I know Alberts hits alot but he and Ward get bottled up in our end so much. I would just prefer to have someone on the defensive end that can skate it out. And that is not Harrison who got called up. I thought that is one of the dimensions that Dennis Seidenberg brought to the table that we really miss. Any thoughts about that?
  10. I AM SO TIRED OF SEEING A PICTURE OF MAURICE ON OUR BENCH AFTER THE OTHER TEAM SCORES. He just looks like an emotionless robot. Howabout some freaking emotion!! Yelling, throwing something, kickingsomething, hitting the glass. DO SOMETHING!!!! Don't just look up atthe scoreboard with that emotionless face which makes you look like youcould care less. I understand that the coach has to stay calm most of the time but if there was ever a time to lose control now is the time. How about some PASSION. Maybe act LIKE THIS REALLY PISSES YOUOFF. Because it sure as heck pisses me off.!!!!! I cannot take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Guy is never right. Well I will give it to him that he is right about 1% of the time. IF THIS HAPPENS I WILL NEVER ROOT FOR THE CANES AGAIN.
  12. It is just about all I can take watching our team right now. Watching this team is SO BORING. And the signing of Alberts has been a real bust. HE has no clue when to pinch and is constantly getting beat out of the corners. Example is goal # 3 when he pinched and set up Anaheim's 2 on 0 break. and the second goal where he got beat to the front of the net. He is big and slow and that is not what we need. We should have signed Seidenberg. He wanted to stay here and probably did deserve what he is making in Florida. Maurice came in last year and adapted Peter's system but this year went right back to his one person in on the forecheck and thus we are back to our losing ways. Granted we did not make the playoffs the last 2 years of Peter's stay here but at least we were # 9 for those 2 years and were real close to making the playoffs. AND we were a fun team to watch. But now last place again with Maurice and on our way to a high draft pick. Watching us now is like watching paint dry. Karmanos said that Peter had the perfect storm and was not a good coach but I totally disagree. MO MUST GO!!! MO MUST GO!!!!
  13. I was in New York this summer and saw some cool shoes and the salesperson showed me how you can go online and order these. Go to www.reebok.com and click on custom and you can make your own canes shows. You can change the colors in all different ways. I ordered mine and they arrived the other day. Will cost you $95 plus shipping. But boy are they worth it. My kids think I am the craziest 51 year old they know. They say I have officially become a full fledged Caniac.
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