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  1. Flyers fan here, just wanted to send out my condolences to Jordan, his wife and family. And you guys. The whole Staal family is good people.
  2. You'll like Double A. He is a decent defender. Not big on speed, whoever said like Commodore is spot on. And for getting along with guys he has had stuff in the past with, if he getting along with Hartnell after this: He will be fine with Walker and Kostopolous.
  3. He's played for Philly and Edmonton. In his first year with us, he went to Game 7 of the Conference Finals. He got hit with injuries during that season including concussions. The second year in 05-06, he was ok but got hurt yet again, hernia surgery. He wasn't the same player after that. During the worst season we had, he was awful. All the vets he played with were gone and he was lost. He doesn't play well unless someone is there to clean up his mistakes. That's why he did ok when he was playing with Kim Johnsson, Eric Desjardins and Marcus Ragnarsson. If he doesn't have back there helping him out, he's screwed. I hear that Tuomo Ruutu and him are good friends, that's great but unless Tuomo is back there helping him, he's not going to be any good. You will find that out soon enough. He had friends on the Flyers as well, Sami Kapanen was the guy he stayed with while he was here. You got yourselves a major headcase.
  4. That is the truth. You guys should be fine. People in Philly still have a lot of love for Williams and Brindy. No worries. Have fun, wish I could but I have no money. The game should be a good one as always.
  5. Jones isn't that type of player. So don't associate him with the idiot known as Jesse Boulerice or Mr. I can't control myself Downie. Randy is nothing like them at all. He is a good kid, just doing what any other defenseman would have done. He followed the guy in on the puck, 9 times out of 10 the guy stays upright. He doesn't slam on the brakes at the last minute and think hey, this guy will be penalized if he hits me. I don't think Bergeron will see it the way you are all describing either. Jones never plays dirty. He has had a very good year so far, had a strong camp. He plays smart hockey. He is more of an offensive defenseman. I hope that Patrice is ok and Randy doesn't let this ruin what he has done so far. I totally agree what the other two did was wrong. Randy didn't do that here. Well, if you knew our line combos: Hartnell -- Briere -- Hartnell Kapanen -- Carter -- Ruzicka Lupul -- Richards -- Umberger Eager -- Dowd -- Cote You would see our checking line had the only 2 goals of the game.
  6. It should be a good game tonight. It always when our teams meet. Get to see Rod and Justin again and now Seids as well. Good luck tonight.
  7. Esche's nickname is Red Light...Robert "Red Light" Esche after the Buffalo disaster of a game.
  8. Well, it's more like this: Brodeur > any other goalie in the world Turco -- stinks in the postseason Luongo -- great with his new team but still hasn't sniffed the postseason yet
  9. The Flyers have actually played better since Peter left. No more drama to work through. We know who was going to play and who wasn't. I'm glad he's gone. Sorry about the loss. The Canes is one of the rare East teams I do like.
  10. Offense: LW -- Ovechkin C -- Lecavalier RW -- St. Louis Defense: RD -- Niklas Lidstrom LD -- Scott Niedermayer Goaltender: Martin Brodeur
  11. He would be great as the captain. He really has what it takes to be a leader, glad we re-signed him for two more years.
  12. He gets the start vs. the B's on Thursday. Also, the Flyers aren't too happy with Niitty right now so they want to look at Biron before FA starts and if it works, they sign him. In Niitty's defense, he does have a bum hip but he was brutal last night. I'm excited to see Biron in net tomorrow night.
  13. He's been a bit of a floater this year, not bad though for a 5th rounder. I guess no Flyers are coming your way.
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