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  1. Everyone should check out the pictures at the News and Observer site. The ones showing the crowd after the tying goal and the winning goal are absolutely priceless, would make a great MasterCard commercial. The one with the lady screaming into her hands and the guy with a towel over his face made me smile in a "devilish" way. You should also check out several of the game day blogs on ESPN or HockeyBuzz, and just follow along with the postings until the las 2 minutes. There is a lot of people in NJ on suicide watch. The talk was about how great Marty was during the series, and then in a whiplash moment, he now needs to retire. The total implosion of their fans was the second best part of the win. Right behind us advancing to play Boston of course. The only thing that would have been better was if we beat Buffalo like that. The Stevens curse lives on.
  2. I think the show stinks. Mike does an OK job, but I want to hear some post game interviews from our players and the other team. At least give us the coaches press conference. I don't want to hear little Timmy let me know how awesome the Canes played, etc. I quite listening and flip over to XM. What happened to Chuck's post game, it's like three minutes, by the time I get in the car he is signing off. He is in the hall of fame for God's sake, why is he never part of the show? Sorry for the rant, but the production values of the 99.9 and the 850 shows are something you would find in a low budget college station. I take that back, that is not fair to some of the great college stations out there.
  3. The way the fans seem to hate Wallin, I am surprised he would want to stay here. I think we should give the guy a little bit of slack, he had a rough year last year, so did several other players, like Cam Ward, Brindy before the injury, but you don't want to hang those guys out to dry. I think it says a lot the guy wants to only play for this organization, and if he plays like he did the previous 5 seasons, he is a steal at the price we are paying. I think Kabs is gone, and now that the going rate for offensive defensemen has gone through the roof, he is now an affordable alternative for teams desperate for help on the blue line. We need a few veterans on defense like Wallin, to be a stabilizing force for Babchuk, Conboy, Malichar, Borer, and even Gleason. All those guys are in their mid-20's or younger. JR knows what he is doing, I can't believe, we got Eaves and Corvo, for Commodore and Stillman, and now Ottawa has got squat, and those guys are making 6 million per year.
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