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  1. +1 Fans shouldn't have to subscribe to see the games, the networks here, VS and NESN aren't commited to hockey. I turned on VS to see a western conf. playoff game and they had bull riding on instead.
  2. I'll give ya 1/2, I hate all the bandwagon crowd in Boston too. First month of the season it was "why would you buy Bruin's season tickets", now they show up with a spoked B on their shirts and think they're the best fans to ever watch the game. Gotta give it to your crowd though, alot of red down there. We still get 20% of the "fans" showing up in red Red Sox shirts, I'm sure you can see why I'm annoyed! See you guys Thursday.
  3. Hmm, ok then. Best of luck next season, I thought the Canucks looked great in the few playoff periods I saw. Those west coast games make it tough to get to work the next morning!
  4. I didn't think the B's had a great game, definatly not the play I expected from them tonight. I expected them to be more physical than they were, and thought they slacked off once they got the lead. The Canes controled the puck quite a bit, and had several opportunities. I was nervous as hell on my couch for the last 6 minutes! Thomas was great, he's been keeping the B's in the game all season.
  5. I can't believe they would put that on the jumbotron! I'd be calling my ticket rep if I were you guys! Only saw what was on NESN, but I did catch some scenes from 300 up there.
  6. What the... And to think I was pulling for Vancouver! What about Lucic? He's going to be disappointed!
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