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  1. I agree that we need a quality #2. But honestly, I am shocked at how quickly you people turn on Cam. When we are winning, Cam is great, when we are losing, Cam sucks. I don't get it. I guess that since the ASB no one else noticed how great Cam played, and how he helped carry the team. Or how Eric Staal stepped up and helped lead this struggling team on such a great run. I am definitely disappointed to see it all end, but to lay it all on Cam's shoulders is absolutely ridiculous. It takes a whole team to win, and a whole team to lose. Get over it. Move on. Look forward to next season. I know that I am.
  2. I agree, 100%. It's a shame, though, that it took all of the injuries to bring the team together. I have a question, myself, and please understand that I"m still new to the wonderful world of hockey, so I don't understand A LOT of the game, but I'm learning very quickly. I see that we have acquired a lot of quality young players and have sent them to the minors. I don't get it. Is it because they need experience? My husband is constantly telling me that so and so and such and such will be a great player for the Canes in the future. I don't understand why we don't bring some of these young'uns up from the minors to infuse some life into the team. I would think that using all of the young talent would be beneficial to us. I realize that we need seasoned players to lead the team, but I have seen Philadelphia bring a load of young talent to their team, and look where they are compared to last season. I also find it strange that with our highest quality players out for the season, Brindy, Williams, and with so many of the veterans in and out with injuries, the Canes have really stepped up, and are actually looking better than they were. Also, it seems that all of the new additions to the team have really made a huge difference. I still think that we need more on our defensive line, but we seem to be headed in the right direction. Thanks for letting a rookie get her 2 cents in.....GO CANES!!
  3. Does my memory fail me, or didn't I hear Wallin called The Gorilla during the Stanley Cup playoffs? I like it, actually, and that's what we call him at home.
  4. Well, I'll say this.....seems like every time I log on to this forum, all I see lately is negativity...complaints about Cam, complaints about Brindy, complaints about you name it. Obviously, the whole team is struggling this year, and it's not just about Eric's stats being upside down, backwards, or what have you. Defense has been a BIG problem, goal tending hasn't been consistent, scoring isn't what it should be. Now, I'm not a statistic guru, but I understand what you are saying - I did look up leading center's stats for the past 2 years (at your earlier suggestion) and I cannot disagree with you - he should be assisting more than scoring - BUT, look at last nights game - defense played well, and Cam was absolutely outstanding - but who put the puck in the net? Not any of our fowards - do you see where I'm going with this? I guesss if you want to know why Eric's stats are upside down, you'll have to grab your crystal ball!! Or just accept that it is what it is. Everyone has to do their job in order for stats to be in-line, imo. I do respect that you have your opinion, as everyone else here does - I just don't like nit pikin'! In spite of it all, I LOVE MY 'CANES!!!!!
  5. You've got to be kidding me - what else can you people find to complain about the Canes? Give me a break. Be a fan. Cheer your team on, and quit complaining.
  6. Give me a break. How can Cam even be compared to Brodeur? God, Cam is what, 23? I tell you, if you need to compare Cam and Brodeur, then let's see how many goals Martin lets in with a Canes defense in front of him. Then I guess you would be screaming for a trade there, too. Look, if your defense sucks as bad as the Cane's does, then your goal tender is going to look bad, too. Especially with an unseasoned goal minder. Cam will need a few years to come into his own, and if we can build up some defense, then all of you will be sining his praises. But until a true shake up happens, and we get quality defense, you will continue to see a mediocre team. It seems real simple to me.
  7. I think that the Canes biggest concern is defense. Yeah, acquiring Samsonav might help some for the moment, but when are we going to get some good, quality defense? I know that I don't have to recount all of the injuries we have right now - but I agree that you can't let the opposing team camp out at your net. I don't know, and I'm no expert by a long shot, but I think that shoring up our defense would go a long, long way. I also see that the Canes don't seem to be playing as a team - no chemistry - so how does that happen, anyway? After watching them win the cup, and seeing how they played then, it is a huge difference to see them play right now. It's disappointing, to say the least. But, of course, I still love 'em. I just hope to see some major changes soon, before we end up like we did last season. GO CANES!
  8. I don't think you can realistically expect him to be 100% all the time. Yeah, I agree that he's not been what we are used to seeing, but he is human, after all. I don't care who you are, every athlete has their slumps, and he's apparently in one. Could it be an injury? Sure. Could it be that he's freakin' tired? Sure. Could it be that he's straining under the weight of a team that struggled last year, and is struggling this year? Absolutely. He's only one player, he can't carry the whole team all the time, captain or not. I dread the day when I watch a Hurricanes game without the great Rod Brind'amour. It will be sad, indeed.
  9. I know, it's irritating. We were at the Hurricanes vs Flyers in December, and there was a whiny Flyers fan right behind us. She whined about every call, and every play, and my husband had to keep telling me it was okay, because I was very close to telling her to just shut up. Short of giving them a smack, I really don't think that you can do anything. Everyone is going to do their own thing. But it sure helps to vent!!!!!
  10. i think rod is good because right now is because 20 goals every season with blues,flyers,and canes are good.
  11. I am a brand new fan to hockey. Last year when the playoffs began, as my husband and son were watching, I was hooked, completely, on Carolina. They played with such heart, and Cam looked like superman out there. I still don't understand the game 100%, but I do agree that they aren't looking so good this year. I don't know if they played any differently during regular season than in the playoffs last year, but if this season is any indication of how they are going to play, (if they make the playoffs)well, it doesn't look too good. Seems like we lost too many key players after the cup. Matt Cullen, Doug Weight, Aaron Ward, Mark Recchi. I know that changes the dynamics, but still, it's the same game, right? And Cam hasn't been consistent at all this year, but I guess he's still young. Maybe some of the players should take a page from Whitney's book, he seems to be on fire this season. I HATE when they lose, but I'm 100% behind them. I wouldn't boo them nor would I leave a game early, because I just love 'em so darn much. But if other people feel the need to, so be it. Everyone has their own way of dealing with their team struggling. My husband, being a Flyer's fan (boo), understands my frustation, and the need to revamp a team. Maybe the Canes need to do some revamping themselves. Thanks to Irish for the post, and for letting a "newbie" put in her two cents worth!
  12. I give Cam the edge over Grahame but I feel equally strong about each one's attributes as well as the things about their games that cause my eyes to pop. Overall, despite the sketchy and inconsistent performances we get from them a lot of nights, I also note the inconsistent and sketchy performances turned in by the other men in Canes uniforms on the ice with them. Playing up to potential seems to be the impossible dream of the Canes this year. Absolutely, I agree.....it doesn't fall on Cam's or Johnny's shoulders completely to win or lose the game.....there has been so much inconsistency with the offense and defense this year. If they could stay healthy, then I think we would see a stronger team out there....but then again, we lost some of our strongest players...Recci, Doug W, Ward and Cullen, that made a big difference, in my opinion.... But on to the question, Cam or cracker? Cam, all the way!!! He's young, just wait until he has a few years under his belt. I think he'll be one of the BEST in the nhl. Just look how he stoned Kolvachuk the other night - I'm tellin ya', he's THAT GOOD!
  13. Awwww, definitely Commodore!!!!! But who could really choose, they are all great guys!!!!! :mrgreen:
  14. Even if Cole had dived the degrading comment he made about him was completely uncalled for and he can say that Cole was an embarrassment to his jersey, team and to the NHL and I can say that he is an embarrassment to tv sports announcers, Florida Panthers and to the NHL. There now that is off my chest! :evil: :mrgreen: LOL! I agree completely, but just because they are supposed to be professionals doesn't mean that they are. I have never heard Forslund or Skip say anything derogatory about any other player in the leauge, so it was quite a shock for me to hear such a disparaging remark about Cole. My 10 year old kept telling them to just shut up! I think that sums it up quite nicely.
  15. I was so furious with those announcers last night.....they were completely out of line. I didn't think Erik Cole dived, looked to me like a stumble. If they want to see what a dive looks like, they need to turn on GOL tv. I hate watching a Canes game without Forslund and good ol' Skippy.
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