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  1. I live near Raleigh and I watch the Canes all the time. Why can't the front office leave the team alone. I don't want to see the travel expenses for the team. They send people up and down up and down. A team can't gel if you don't let them play together for more than 2 games. I know you're gonna use the excuse "well its a new coach and he's just building the team" well you've been building a team for 10 years now. Leave the players alone!!! You guys have great talent. Let them play together. Let the lines get used to each other. Staal thinks he's in a pick up game its so many different players going in and out. Leave them alone!!! The early '80's Celtics had Bird, Johnson, Parrish, McCale and Ainge they didn't send them down and up and look what they accomplished!! Let the guys gel. Leave them alone, let the same guys play throughout next season. DON'T CHANGE them and I guarantee you will enjoy a good solid playoff run in 2013!!!
  2. Your point taken but the Celtic players had to start somewhere. Canes players are all professional athletes. They wouldn't be on the team if they weren't however, some need tweaking...not trading! And the perenial all stars....if you had a front office that new how to wheel and deal, get the right combination like Boston or even my Red Wings....you wouldn't need a Coaching change, you would need the same lines practicing everyday! Rutheford's been wheeling and dealing since 2002 loss to Detroit. Then when you guys won the Cup, it went downhill from there. After our Championship earlier this year, we pretty much stayed the same with the exception of Hossa. Canes...leave well enough alone. As I said, you'll never win games when you send guys up and down like Rutheford does.
  3. Yea....'ol Ruthefords at it again. if the 'Canes lose a game he starts making phone calls. why can't you hone what you've got. You will never win games when you have a revolving door at the RBC Center. I live within 10 min of RBC I should be a caniac. I still like watching them play. However, front office issues has led me astray and I have been a Red Wing fan since 2002. Come on guys... shut the revolving door get these players in shape. It reminds me of NASCAR. They'll take a car to a track with the same track conditions as the year before but make a 1000 changes and end up in the back of the field. Let's get one group of guys...train them and leave them be! Why do you think Red Aurbach's Celtics won so much? because Parish, Bird, Mchale, Ainge and Johnson played so long with each other they new each others moves before they made them. So lets try that here...if not, Canes are gonna be racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles with all these trades...no wonder tickets are so high!!! Hope they fly Southwest!!!
  4. Well, Hurricanes fans...what the hell? You fire Paul Maurice because he's not producing, hire Pete Laviollette, win a Stanley Cup, now hes trying to get re-staffed with players because Jim Rutheford traded all the good ones away...Craig Adams, Kevin Adams, Eric Cole, Mike Commodore, Radim Vrbata, Andrew Ladd and so on. Then you fire Pete and re-hire Paul? WHAT? Hurricanes staff have no loyalty to coaching!!! Check out Tampa Bay. They fired Barry Melrose...and they're still crappy. Just because you have a year or two of re grouping, doesn't mean he's a bad coach. Like I told a friend last month, if you're Pat Riley or Phil Jackson...you can make a change within a year but when you keep trading players its hard to settle in on a good team. Jim Rutheford. You blame your trading screw ups on coaching. Thats just piss poor managment!!! Mr. Rutheford, you need to take a page out of my Detroit Red Wings Owner Mike Ilitches book. Loyalty gets you a long way. Hey, 4 Stanley Cups in the last 12 years with just 2 coaches and thats only because Scotty retired! Now look...Todd McClellan Assistant Coach of the Red Wings last year...now the Head Coach of the San Jose Sharks...his loyalty with the Red Wings has put him in a position where the Sharks are playing Red Wing hockey now they have the best record since 1944 in 25 games with 43 points!!! Wow. Jim, if you just give the coach a damn chance and stop trading every damn body... you'll see results..until then...you'll be playing crappy hockey and watching us and San Jose in the playoffs from your living room and not from your suite at the RBC center! Good Luck 'Canes fans. you're gonna need it as long as Rutheford is GM!!!!
  5. Look.... I've seen sticks thrown...Todd Bertuzzi break someones neck but to sit here and suspend a guy for what he said....what the hell? That's good TV now you're ready to watch Calgary and Dallas play but NOOOOOO !!!! Gary Bettman wants to suspend a guy just bacause he made a comedic retort about his ex-girl friend!!!! Come on... I hate Dallas!!! But I'm backing Sean! Come on Gary....give us a break....Sean is awesome(even though I hate Dallas!!!!!) just like NASCAR you can't judge a driver by what he says!!!! Anyway...why would you want any ones sloppy seconds....thats funny!!!! Cause his ex-girlfiend is finer than frogs hair...have you seen her!!!???? Wow....Dion Phinuif has is made!!!! Just laugh!!! it's a joke why take it personal? He's trying to rattle your cage. Anyway, good luck Sean hope you play by this wekend!!!!
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