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  1. TSN's McKenzie says Walker may not get a suspension: http://tsn.ca/blogs/?id=278323
  2. If Maurice said that I will never have another word to criticize him ever again. That gives him immunity in my book. Way to stand behind your team.
  3. Well I much would have rather it been Charra or Lucic, but unfortunately it was Ward who got involved in this one. Walker deserves a game, but will probably get 3 in my estimation because of the broken bone. It wasn't deserving, but I think did send a message that the BS that's been flying (without very much retaliation from the Canes) won't go on forever. I would have rather seen Conboy be able to maintain his balance and actually remain standing in one of the two fights he tried to get in, but IMHO this did the trick, but did go too far and probably caught the wrong guy.
  4. Was reading over at tsn a list of potential guys on the block and was thinking that Tkachuk might be a great options for the Canes @ only $940k? He would add some depth and maybe a few goals to the 3rd or 4th line. I know he's older, but could bring some experience at a cheap price. I'll admit I haven't seen him play a lot recently, so I'm throwing it out there to see what you guys think?
  5. Seidenberg leads the team in blocks (67) and the next closest guy is Gleason (41) and Wallin (40). He's definitely missed out there with what looks to be now Joe Corvo and the AHL'ers.
  6. Thought I'd post this here since the other thread was locked: I agree with most of what you say, especially the "Back to the Future" move of bringing Maurice back again. I will say they seemed to be playing with more heart against the Flyers, but just made too many mistakes. I also think that the 'big scorers' seem to be out thinking themselves and forcing things. The one goal from last night didn't feel forced it was just them playing hockey. Watch the power plays: they are trying very very hard to set things up and I think it's getting in the way of their instincts and it's getting into their head. I think they really really really want Francis to take the job but don't feel it's fair to throw him in mid-season. Doing things this way gives Francis a taste without his name being tarnished. Brind'amour doesn't seem to be very engaged and is the slowest Cane on the ice (now that Melichar has been sent away ...ok maybe Brookbank is slower too, but it's close! ) I would love to see Rod traded for Owen Nolan (something I've seen tossed around on a couple message boards). I think he's got the fire that is missing from this team. Rod is capable of it as well, but for whatever reason isn't showing it. Which makes things even worse since he wears the "C".
  7. Here's to hoping he can revive Brind'Amour!
  8. http://www.nhlnumbers.com/compare.php?season=0809''>http://www.nhlnumbers.com/compare.php?season=0809' target="_blank">http://www.nhlnumbers.com/compare.php?season=0809[/post] Detroit's payroll is $57M Our is $51M I realize $6M is $6M, but we're not talking Yankees vs. Pirates here.
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