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Operation Troop Support

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I did this in its earlier version sponsored by "Dear Abby". I ended up corresponding with two different young men who were Army. One was stationed in Bosnia during the whole Bosnia NATO campaign. He was a specialist who worked with a bomb-sniffing dog. The other soldier was Cavalry, and in the Middle East (his unit kept moving around). Both kids were under 20, and once they got started writing, kept up quite an interesting correspondence until they finally returned Stateside where there once again was a life to lead and we lost touch. They loved telling me about their jobs and life-while-deployed. I enjoy all the military techno stuff, so they loved to tell me about all that, and about how they live their lives during deployments so it was nice for them to have someone to share all this with without all the emotional attachments of family, girlfriends, etc. They would send me photos, unit patches, stuff from bulletin boards... all sorts of things reflective of their lives. It was fascinating. I even got a huge surprise: a Hard Rock / BOSNIA t-shirt. Apparently Hard Rock had set up a version of their bar/restaurant in Bosnia for the troops (can't do that in the Middle East because of the drinking laws). This is quite the collector's item and sits safely at the bottom of a drawer.

Anyway, I heartily recommend joining Operation Troop Support. You only have to be yourself, and you can note that you're a hockey fan looking for a fellow hockey fan - just a deployed one. You can bet that someone will enjoy talking 'ice' from the desert with someone back home. Warning; if someone sends you email pics of camel spiders, you will fall off your chair, especially if they are of the HUGE variety. I got a whole series of them from one of my ne'er do well little friends in the desert who knew that any self-respecting female would have only one response: at the top of her lungs and in high "C". Oh, my....

Lots of toilet tipping over there, btw. For the poor Army guys, it's one of the standard 'guy fun' activities with lots of digital movies taken of the victims going over and then emerging with murderous intent.... It's all not just war...

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